Saturday, November 17, 2012

Patrick's Least Favorite Time...

Patrick is not yet a fan of bath time.  In fact, at the moment, it's the most upsetting thing that he can possibly imagine being forced to do:

Here he is wrapped in the bath time apron that I made.  He is okay with the apron... just not the bath time part of it:

Nope, even the snuggly apron doesn't make it better.

And no Mom, I won't be posing in this picture with you.

Mom putting lotion on was almost as bad as the bath... and then getting dressed?

Will the torture never end?

This picture was taken about ten seconds after the previous picture.

Even putting our feet into the swaddler solves every single problem:

He's instantly happy:

And instantly sleepy:

More posing with Mom:

And at least we're not crying this time!

Hopefully our next bath time goes a bit more smoothly!


  1. Cam, You terrible terrible mother! You gave your boy a BATH, don't you know that boys are highly allergic to soap and doublely allergic to water! You supposed to let the dog (which you haven't gotten yet) clean him. It's the only way. Love you guys. I promise your things will be mailed ASAP. (OK after I take pictures of them that is.)

  2. Poor little guy. It looks like Patrick dislikes the bath as much as I dislike bathing small babies. Babies+baths=not fun!

    He looks so cute in his swaddler.

  3. What a cutie!

    Our new little Gabriel (2 weeks today!) is fine with tub baths (only had a couple, as his umbilical cord just fell off a day or two ago) but his cousin, Ben, hates having water on his face or hair. He would splash in the tub forever, if his mom didn't insist on washing his hair. ;)

    Isn't swaddling wonderful??? Wish we did it back in the mid-80s.


  4. LOL, I have never had a baby that liked to be swaddled, but oh I think they all go through that newborn stage where they hate getting dressed. Baths, go both ways, two of my babies love having water flow over their heads. (When William was born the nurse ran the facet over his head and he threw his arms out and looked super content. Usually my babies are still getting sponge baths (or I fill up the little tub from the hospital and sit them in there). And then I moved to showering with mommy with this current baby. It is really nice, (she is the first one I figured it out with)the cuddle time is great and I get rid of the gunk in the neck and fingers everyday (when I am not working).

    He is a sweetie Cam. I love the look on his face once you get him swaddled.

  5. Oh my word he's beautiful! But this is why I just spot clean babies for the most part. :) I leave the top part of a sleeper on while I do the bottom and visa versatile. Then I wash the hair while they are all swaddled. Love to comfort crying babies though!

  6. Sure, but just LOOK at how he is looking at you in the last two pics - absolutely precious!

  7. My first HATED baths as well for her first 6 months - then discovered the fun of splashing. Her two younger brothers have loved water since day 1. I now have the problem that whenever I turn on the bath water, all three come running, the older two strip off their clothes to get in, and the baby just launches himself in clothes-and-all. The tears start when it is time to get out...



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