Saturday, May 10, 2014

16 Weeks and Speeding Right Along

I'm hoping that later I'll have time to post about Paul's graduation and share some of the many pictures I snapped this weekend.  But this morning I realized that I needed to hurry along and so I thought, now that I'm actually 17 weeks, I'd share the photo from last week with another picture of the bump added to the line up.


  1. I know you're gonna try to post about the graduation later, but I was looking at the countdown calendar on your site, and it says 1 day SINCE Paul's Graduation. :-) I couldn't be happier for both of you. Congratulations again! I know you are so glad at least this milestone is reached.
    God Bless. ~ Bonnie

  2. Belly looks a little high, so I'm gonna go ahead and jump in with a guess that this one's another girl (sorry, Patch!) based solely on the fact that I've all boys and they stayed lowed. And congrats to Paul! What a journey its been for all of you!


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