Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Big Day: Law School Graduation in Pictures!

It was an extra special weekend because Paul's mom and dad
and one of his brothers was able to join us for the fun!
I added this one again
because Sadie saw it and
was horrified (no one said a word)
and gave an explanation
(which I thought I'd share!):
"I was just trying to keep my balance!"

"It smells like soap!"
The next day, after all the pictures were taken...

It's hard to tell in this picture
but it's blurry because she's jumping up
and down and cheering for him!
They were...

We're so proud of you!

And that night Sadie had one question:  "So Daddy... are you taking the bar tomorrow?"

Not quite... but soon!  Now on to more studying.

Just after Paul's first year I remember reading one of my favorite blogs (a blogger who is likely right at this moment snuggling her new baby girl!) and she said that she'd heard people say that "law school was to studying for the bar like coffee is to espresso..."

To which I say... is it August yet?!?!?! I think I need a ticker counting down the days until the bar is (hopefully) over!


  1. Michigan! We're hoping to stay here!

  2. Congratulations, Paul! Oh, and glad to hear you have found a place you like to stay in! Good luck with the studying for the bar! Hmm, does Khan academy have tutorials for that :)

  3. Hooray!!!! A million congratulations!

  4. "I was just trying to keep my balance!”

    Tell her we moms much prefer an embaressing photo to a head injury. :)


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