Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Mae Update!

Thank you to everyone for all the prayers!

Two days ago, after Mae's appointment and antibiotic shot, she slept for most of the day and through the next night.

When we woke up yesterday I was nervous to check on her... but when I did I found our giggly girl was back, and her temperature was back down to 98.9.

She still asked to go up to her room a little more than she usually does to lay on her bed and rest, but she also ran around outside with her brother and sister, caught an ant and brought it to me dangling by one leg, and almost caught a giant carpenter bee (I'm pretty sure that if I hadn't shouted "don't touch that!" from across the yard and she hadn't paused to look at me, she would have had him by his wings... sigh...).

Now to get back into the swing of things.  I looked ahead in my calender and realized that on weeks with less than three doctor's/therapy appointments (in addition to the 6 ABA sessions... so less than 9 appointments altogether) I find myself thinking "wow, this week isn't that busy!  We're only going to the doctor twice!" because so much of the month of May involves 3-4 appointments each week in edition to Mae's regular ABA sessions... so it's a hectic month!

In somewhat related news, our insurance also keeps sending me cards informing me that I need to get the girls in for their "well child" doctor's appointments because apparently they're overdue... and apparently going in to the doctor frequently for all our other appointments isn't enough... so I need to make a few more appointments (maybe on those two appointment weeks!) so they can go in and be weighed and so the doctor can fret over their BMI and worry over why the California vaccines they were given weren't identical to Michigan vaccines.

But that means that everyone has to stay well for those appointments... which I'm really hoping actually happens now that the weather is warmer!


  1. Glad Mae is better. MI must do things different with the well child appointments, because in VA after three years old well child appointments are only annual, and tied to the child's birthday ( as in insurance won't pay unless they have already had their birthday, plus a full year from the last appointment - so since we were three weeks late for my daughter when she turned three, she now always has to wait three weeks past her birthday for the next appointment (she just turned six). And they keep adding new vaccines to the "regular" schedule - even though we have lived in the same place and all my kids have always gone to the same pediatrician, the six and four year old are now getting "catch up" shots for Hep A, since it wasn't one of the normal series when they were babies, but is now needed for school admission.

  2. I think that ours are about the same (other than the birthday thing) in that they're annually, so that they start sending cards when it's a year from the last appointment, but they don't count all the allergy/austism/sensory/general sickness/ear infection appointments with their pediatrician as counting for well child so they make us go in when they're actually not there for any other reason. I wish we could do it on another visit and kill two birds with one stone!


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