Monday, May 26, 2014

Do You Wanna Be A Sister

I'm pretty sure that Sadie is going to completely freak out when she sees this.  It combines her too favorite things, religious sisters and songs from Frozen:

A few weeks ago a thick letter from a rapidly growing order of sisters arrived in our mailbox.  It had a picture of the group printed in color across the envelope and Sadie's eyes quickly grew wide:

Sadie:  "What is that?  Who is it from?  We have to open it?" were all the words that quickly tumbled out of her mouth.
Me:  "It looks like it's from a group of Dominicans.  I think those are the same sisters who are coming to teach at the school at our church."
Sadie: "What does it say?!?!?!"
Me:  "Let me open it."
Sadie: (bouncing all around me)
Me:  "I think it's probably asking for donations.  I think it probably says that they have so many women with vocations that they need more buildings!"
Sadie: (more bouncing)
Me:  "But what would you do if it was a letter saying, 'okay, you can come live in the convent with us!'"
Sadie:  "I would go, Mommy!  I want to be a nun, Mommy!"
Me:  "Right now though?"
Sadie:  "Yes!"

Then she launched into her day dream about how Maggie could be a Dominican because she will grow up to be a Carmelite.... like Saint Therese...

I've never seen quite so much excitement over a request for donations.  I can hardly imagine how excited she's going to be when she actually sees the sisters who are coming to live on the grounds of our parish.

She takes All Saints Day very seriously...

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  1. That is so cute! My daughter want to be a sister too.


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