Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hazard a Guess: Will Baby Wollner 2014 be wearing pink of blue?

In four days I'll be heading to my OBs office for an ultrasound and to hopefully learn whether or not I need to unpack blue or pink baby clothes to be washed and folded and ready for the newest edition of our family.

Just for fun I thought I'd put up a poll, on the left hand side bar, for anyone who wants to guess as to whether the newest member of our family will be a "brubber" like Patch keeps insisting or a "princess" as Sadie responds just about every time he points to a picture in my pregnancy book and makes that announcement.  

For anyone who'd like to try to use the various old wives tales that exist... here's a little help:

  • With this pregnancy my morning sickness has been super mild and was pretty much gone at the end of the first trimester.
  • On the other hand the food aversions have been pretty intense (I think they seem to be easing up now) and have been enough to make me sick... but at least it's not all the time!
  • I'm 19 and a half weeks and have gained 8 lbs since this whole thing started but my bump looks like I've gained at least 30 (I'll post a bump picture at the end for anyone who wants to use that to help guessing).  You can mostly see it from the side.  It's not nearly as noticeable from the front.
  • I've been craving spicy and salty foods.  I eat hot peppers one after another and popcorn is the number two favorite food.
And that is just about all the pregnancy weirdness that comes to mind.  Here's a reminder of what the bump looked like (I haven't added this weeks picture in just yet):

And yet this was a couple weeks ago
taken from the front...
Any guesses?  A boy?  A girl?  Both (they only saw one baby at 11 weeks, so we're fairly sure it's just one!)?  Three?  If you have a feeling one way or another or just like guessing, the little poll to the left of the screen will be up until the morning of my appointment on June 2nd!


The poll at the top wasn't allowing votes so I added this one!

Will Baby Wollner 2014 be...
A Boy!
A Girl!
Poll Maker

And if that poll isn't working (I'm hoping it is, but I'm not having great luck with polls today!) you can cast your vote in the comments too!


  1. You might find this abstract interesting:;jsessionid=41C76C2CA4C92AF3EE9A72ED64B5B990.f03t02?deniedAccessCustomisedMessage=&userIsAuthenticated=false

  2. I voted boy but I'm not sure it went through....

  3. What is the heart rate? My boys rate was 140 or so and dd's was 160 mostly.
    (this is before routine ultrasounds so I didn't know until the birth)

  4. I also voted boy. When Paul called with the news my first thought was boy. I've been right every time so we'll see if the streak continues.

  5. Sorry Patchy :( I've got to go with Sadie on this one. A girl. Love you, Nani

  6. Oh no!!! Looks like Nani and Gramma don't agree..... :)


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