Thursday, May 22, 2014

{phfr} "summer is on it's way" edition

First I just had to start with a picture of my favorite part of our little oratory for the link-up!  As you may notice, it crowds back away from the edges in an attempt to thwart out little climbers:

Yesterday was cloudy and humid and the sky seemed the threaten to burst, on and off throughout the day... and Sadie's low fever had continued into the morning...

But that didn't stop her from begging and begging and begging to be allowed to outside after lunch to have a "Pool Party" with her brother and sister.  

Finally I agreed that if the sky didn't open up in a downpour before it was time to go out, we would do it... and the fresh air did seem to do her good.  Last night when I took her temperature it was finally normal!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is the last round of the virus making it's way through the house!


Most of the photos I snapped were so action filled that {pretty} wasn't the first word that came to mind.

But this one caught my eye during a still moment, in the midst of all the excitement about being in a teeny tiny pool!


Maggie was thrilled to be outside.  She was thrilled about the water, about the mud that came from the water splashing over and especially about gazing up at the beautiful (but not all that blue) sky.


Patch has to think he's in charge of the hose.  If he isn't hysterics follow... quickly.  The problem was he was standing off to the side and kept turning and the water would go out of the pool (which the girls were impatient to have full).  Finally after realizing that directing his hand to hold the hose over the pool wasn't going to work (and was going to be met with shrieks of resistance) I picked him up and moved him over a few feet and thankfully it worked!

He was distracted by the garden tools for long enough that the girls got to play with the hose a tiny bit... this picture is Sadie's shocked face after sitting down in the icy cold water!


It didn't take long before The Boy realized that throwing his sister's water shoes into the pool got a reaction from her.  And no matter how many times I explained that "they're water shoes" and "it won't hurt them..." it still got a reaction... which I'm pretty sure he loved:

He even climbed the tower to get the shoes to continue to pester her...


  1. Great pictures! They are beautiful kids. A nice change from the awful winter. Alas; we aren't quite getting your high temps. (and we (Patience and family) live close to the lake so cooler still.) :(

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