Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hot off the Sewing Machine: Eternity Veils

I spent a surprising amount of time tonight snapping "selifies."  The reason for all the picture taking was that the pictures that Paul had taken of my newest project hadn't turned out clearly, and my attempts at stacking the camera on top of two shoe boxes and using the timer had gotten me into the frame, but at the worst possible angle so that I was nearly ready to call it a night when I snapped a picture while holding the camera at arms length and had it actually turn out.

It's not the most ideal photo taking situation but... it works for the time being since Paul is so busy studying and I don't want to use the time when he is around taking photos of veil after veil...

And that leads me to my big announcement.  About a month ago I came up with a pattern for an eternity veil and made my first one out of a linen like fabric to test it out.  Since then I've been sewing quite a bit, and searching fabric stores for the perfect shades of lace.

I have eighteen eternity veils finished at the moment, and a pile of lace sitting next to me just waiting to be sewn!  I only managed to photograph four of them tonight (because apparently it took about 40 selfies of each one to get usable pictures and my arm was getting tired!), but I will keep snapping away until they're all listed.  They are now officially my favorite thing to sew and I love how they've turned out!

I have two designs.  One is a single loop, that goes around the neck one time.  The second is created with two yards of fabric and can either be worn long, or it can be wrapped around the neck twice.  Both veils can also double as scarves and can easily be pulled up and down.

And so here are my latest projects of the moment!  These first ones have already been posted in my shop!

Peacock (which is currently reserved while I see if I can get more fabric!)

And that's the latest from my sewing machine!  Hopefully I'll be able to get the other veils (in blue and pinks and ivory and black and brown and many other colors) up in the next couple of days!


  1. Very pretty! If I were to wear a head covering, these would be my favorite :)

  2. You know that veils aren't my thing, but these are just lovely! What a good idea. (I didn't know what an "eternity" veil was at first... thought it was some specific religious term.) Just means the same as the "infinity" scarves I have. ;)


  3. Beautiful!! I love the doubles!!

  4. Cammie...you are very talented. I love seeing all your creations! You are just beautiful, btw. I know your husband tells you that all the time right :)

    I have trouble with the eternity veils since it's *too much lace* for my sensory self LOL! Plus, as you know, my husband likes the opaque scarves or something similar.

    Did you ever think of doing something like a veil that is opaque...maybe something like they wore many years ago before lace? I guess like your snoods but doesn't tie back? I will have to look for some ideas and share them. I would love to support at least a few of our veil makers.

    Have a blessed day. Will see you *around* no doubt.


  5. Hi Theresa,

    I was just thinking about that in the fabric aisle the other day! Some of my favorite fabrics were a little too stiff, but some of the really soft flowing ones would work really well! I think that will have to be next on my list after I finish with the few colors of lace I have left! And maybe some knits and linens too!

  6. The gauzy cotton ones seem to work nice. I look forward to seeing them! Well...in God's time...you have plenty on your plate : )

  7. Martha P. and I experimented with cutting a long scarf (about 72") in half and it lays nice like a veil but still has the *scarf* effect if you know what I mean so it's a another good idea. I saw an idea...will have to PM you.

    Thanks Cammie...have a good day!

  8. I wish more (younger) women veiled at our Mass. It's mainly older Filipino women. More do veil at the TLM (11am) but I'm a mostly go early type. I did notice once that a woman (young with a family) I'd seen at the 9:30 English Mass didn't veil then but did at a Latin Low Mass we went to at Christmas so go figure. I'm just chicken to be the only one or one of few. I wish the priests would talk about it because then it would be like "permission" like receiving Communion on the tongue (which everyone does at our parish; kneeling) But maybe veiling is seen as trivial now. (in the large scheme of things)

  9. I'm so excited!!! Around the time you mentioned playing around with how to make these I was looking at some on Esty and decided to wait so I could order one from you. SOOO EXCITED!!!


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