Saturday, May 24, 2014

18 Weeks...

Today is actually officially 19 weeks, but since I only finished pasting this together last night I had to share last weeks week by week progression.  The mind boggling thing to me is that the weight gain from 4 weeks to right now is still 8 lbs... because every time I step on the scale I expect it to be 25 or 30 based on how my bump looks!

We're almost halfway there!


  1. Hi!

    It occurred to me, reading this post, that diastasis recti may be the reason you look so much further along. I have it pretty bad- I developed it during my third pregnancy. I only mention it because you may want to do some research and talk with your OB about needing any support garments.

  2. Thank you for mentioning that! I don't think I do, because my stomach muscles are solid all the way across without a gap. With diastasis you feel a gap, don't you?

    I have a feeling it's just the muscle tone after five pregnancies in a little under six years.


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