Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lace Eternity Veils: Take Two

I know, I know, just what everyone was hoping for, more late night selfies.  However, I'm still really excited about how the veils have been turning out and I just couldn't keep them to myself.  Here are the ones that I just finished photographing and editing tonight.  That means of the ones I already have made I've only got eight left to photograph! 

Here are the latest:

Now to get back to sewing!


  1. I may be your mom but those are absolutely beautiful! :)

  2. Ah! I just bought the black double loop. Sooo excited!

  3. Cammie, these are just beautiful, great work!

  4. These are absolutely lovely. And they look so very beautiful on you. Really, a wonderful design.
    God Bless. ~ Bonnie

  5. I love these! I keep losing my black veils, so I'll have to keep this in mind for when I have a little $ to spend :-)


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