Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Bar, An Overboard Assembly of Tickers, and 17 Weeks of Pregnancy Pictures...

So, studying for the bar...

This ought to be a fun couple of months.

A few days ago at dinner Paul sat down at the table and put a folder next to me and said:
"Here, you'll probably want to look at this.  It gives the suggested schedule for studying for the bar."

And I said:  "No thank you."

And he said:  "What?"

And I said:  "Because I really rather not know."

So he left it there, next to my spot for a couple of days and finally I peeked and saw this:

Who thinks those breaks are going to involve coming home?
I'm hopeful that one of them might... but also skeptical...
To which I can't help but saying both:

"That's horrible!" and "That's it?!?!?!"

You see, Paul has been studying until all hours of the night for the past three years.  If I really believed that he would be done studying by 9pm each night I would probably break out into a dance or go skipping across the living room.

I am, instead, somewhat skeptical.

He's a perfectionist when it comes to studying.  I'd be surprised if his studies didn't continue to stretch into the wee hours.

But still.  It's only two and a half months.  


(That's me trying to give myself a pep talk... you guys are getting to hear lots of stream of consciousness typing today!)

And I created this one night when he was studying and I went a little ticker-crazy on Lily-Pie (all those extra tickers are to remind me of how very, very quickly the next two months are going to go by because Look!  Look at all that has happened in the last less-than-eight years... in case you were wondering, that's what I'm telling myself...):

You can tell I really, really was going overboard because even the cat, who was on the naughty list when I was making this after putting in ample effort to wake up the kids, even got his own ticker.

And in other totally random pictures, here is last weeks bump picture, which I finally got around to copying and pasting together this morning:

Now on to week 18!


  1. It's tough but at least it's over the summer so you guys can get out and about.
    Just try to take it one day at a time and it will be over before you know it!

  2. It's good to know what the study plan is -its utterly grueling and taxing on Mama, but having a schedule will make your whole family appreciate family/daddy time all the more, as its squeezed into pockets here and there.

    You'll also get a chance to see how important you and your children are to your husband, because he'll need those breaks and work them in to spend time with all of you, and it will mean so much more to you because he'll be making his own schedule (as opposed to working around the law school schedule) and you'll know that he's sacrificing family time to study, and then sacrificing study time for family, all with the big picture in view, which is providing for his family -which is an awesome thing to witness in a man!

    So, there is a silver lining!

    :-). TB

  3. My brother did the Barbri Law review to prepare, and really recommends the classroom version, because it forces you to stay focused and allows for question asking and clarification in person to the monitor guy, and hearing other questions too. He really, really was intense about it, and did only that, and passed the bar on the first try. So, give Paul the time to do this, and realize it's the last big push, the last huge time drain. Don't fret too much about it. It's only 6 to 7 more weeks of it.
    God Bless. ~ Bonnie
    P.S. My brother says to tell Paul to concentrate on Contracts, Civil Procedure and Torts. Jurisdiction is also a big thing. It's kind of like everything he learned in the first two years. My brother says use the words "inter alia" a lot! :-)

  4. I'm not saying this to be amug, but to give you hope - my husband took Barbri and passed the first time with no other studying (we had kids and he had to work full time.). We're in CA which is the hardest bar. They totally blow the studying out of proportion. Paul will be fine.

  5. We had so much fun studying and taking the bar last year, that we're doing it again this year! LOL (Ben passed last year in VA, but we decided to move to IN to be near family that just moved out there, so he's taking in AGAIN in IN. Fun times.


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