Thursday, May 15, 2014



When Maggie woke up that first morning earlier this week and was still so sick she spotted a pink dress with a lace collar and instantly began to cry to put it on.  When she got back from her doctor's appointment I heard crying again and found her holding this shirt and skirt, unable to undo the buttons on the one she was wearing to change into her outfit of choice at the moment.  

Maggie appears to love clothes every bit as much as her big sister and this dress and skirt, which had been tucked away in a closet upstairs since Sadie outgrew them, is a new favorite.  They sort of saved the day, since she wore it for two consecutive days, and I let her, since she wasn't insisting on wearing a sleeper, and I was relieved she wasn't wearing something that was raising her body temperature even higher, so it seemed like a good compromise.  

And once she felt better she was only too happy to wear it outside until the thunderstorm of the day arrived (about two minutes after we went inside!):


The Boy is currently working very, very hard on learning how to hop.  He crouches down and then stands up fast and goes up on his tip toes and looks at me and smiles hugely.

He's also a big fan of narrating throwing any ball he can get his hands on.  "Ball."  He's repeat over and over again as he picks it up and then "Up, up, up" as he raises it up over his head and finally "to!!!!  To, to, to!!!!" which I believe is actually "throw, throw, throw!!!" having not yet mastered the "th" sound.


This picture makes me laugh because he wasn't totally sure how to walk with all those dandelions around, but he was pretty sure that he needed to stomp on them:


Here's my real freak out of the day on Tuesday.

So a while ago I saw a clip of the local university removing Giant Hogweed plants from our area and talking about how they can cause horrific burns and blindness and while sitting in our backyard (which seriously needs to be mowed as soon as it stops raining for more than a few hours while Paul's home), I saw these little plants everywhere and panicked because they looked kind of like what I remembered the plants looking like on the clip ("And is that a white flower?!?!?!") and I swept everyone up and went inside (thankfully, since the sky was about to open up in a torrential downpour).

Then I went inside and googled and it looks nothing like the plants on google image... but there you have it... my panicked plant paranoia after watching a news clip online.

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  1. I worry about Giant Hogweed too! But mostly it's Queen Anne's Lace.
    This seemed like a good website to compare the plants.


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