Thursday, May 29, 2014

New Veils in the Shop: Chocolate and Charcoal and Ivory!

Tonight I finally snapped pictures of a few of my favorite veils.  I've been debating which color veil I'm going to keep for myself... and while the chocolate brown double loop is currently what I'm leaning towards, the grey veils are both a close second!  These are some of my favorites.  

So here are the latest veils I've posted in my store!  They are six of my favorites!


  1. Can, this isn't about the veils, but when I look at these pictures I just think, " She looks so beautiful!" Thanks for making this Catholic motherhood vocation of ours look so attractive. ;-)

  2. Ahh! I already ordered one and now I want more! Although, I'm pretty sure hubby would flip if I bought another already. lol


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