Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Day of Disasters! (And one fun Christmas Tree)

Sadie had a dramatic day yesterday and was surprisingly cheerful after the crying stopped from each mini disaster. We were alright up until nap time ended and we were about to head into town to do a little food shopping. I'd run over to see everyone at Nini and Gigi's house and was coming back down the stairs holding Sadie, thinking to myself, "don't fall, don't fall, don't fall" as I came down the stairs because I had stumbled on them on my way up.

And then it happened. I have no idea how. The next thing I knew we were falling through the air and I was trying to figure out a way, in the split second between take off and impact, to keep Sadie from hitting the ground. My shoulder hit the ground first, which slowed us down a bit, but Sadie did end up in the mud too, terrified, but mostly unhurt (she did bite her tongue, but that seemed to be her only injury... we had EMT Grumpa check her out to be sure though...). After deciding that my arm was not broken (just very swollen) along with my hip and a gash on my hand we headed back over to Nani and Grumpa's (I did manage not to hit my stomach though! Yay!). Sadie was up and running around within ten minutes and we were back on schedule to go to the store. While I blame pregnancy clumsiness which already seems to be setting in, Paul blames the heels on my brown boots, which are now in a closet and have been banned for the duration of the pregnancy.

Later in the day she reached up on the counter for the big beautiful red globe that she saw. It had a picture of a polar bear on it and Sadie had been eyeing it all day. Nani and I were chasing an amazingly huge hairy brown spider around the kitchen and didn't turn to see the disaster until it was too late. Sadie pulled the special holiday coke bottle down on her head and it splattered everywhere (it was plastic... but it was open). She fell to the ground covered in Coke (and hysterical). It was everywhere. And that led to the third disaster of the day.

Bath Time. While Sadie loves her baths she does not love washing her hair (anymore... this is a fairly new fear). But with a head full of Coca-Cola we had no choice... the poor little bunny was definitely having a tough time.

Then we went back down stairs and Sadie saw the beautiful Christmas lights again, on the Christmas tree, and everything was better. She smelled the pine when we came in the house after Nani and Grumpa put up the tree and decided that the lights must make the pine smell, so she went from light to light smelling them. Then she helped Nani carry the ornaments one by one from the kitchen into the living room, where she would hand them to Mommy to put on the tree. While a few bells were yanked down at the start, she seems to understand that the ornaments are supposed to be on the tree (and when she'd pull one of she'd try to rehang it herself). And she "waters" the tree (this must be from watching Nani garden this summer). She gets out her little toy milk carton from her shopping cart and brings it over to the tree and "waters" the branches with milk. Christmas is so much fun with a little bunny running around!


  1. Oh Cammie, my heart stopped when I read about your accident. Did you go to the doctor to make sure you are all right? I'm worried about you. Your poor daughter has had a very exciting and eventful few days, hasn't she? I can just imagine her sweet face when she saw the Christmas tree! Next Christmas, you'll have two sweet little faces looking in awe at the Christmas tree!

  2. Hi Miss Linda-
    It has been a busy couple of days. I think today I'm finally not sore! We didn't go to the doctor because it seemed like my side and shoulder took all of the impact (I was very thankful for that) since I was trying to turn Sadie so that she wouldn't hit the ground. She had a few bruises on her little legs though! I'm going to mention it to the doctor at the next appointment but I think the morning sickness is a sign that the newest little one is still going strong. I would be worried sick if I'd hit my stomach though!

  3. Oops, I just saw this comment AFTER I posted the comment on your "Daddy!" blog post. Please disregard that. I'll try to stop worrying, but really I hope you will have a doctor check on the sore spots. And I hope you aren't lifting anything heavy. Thanks be to God that neither of you were hurt (or that you landed on your stomach--I don't even want to THINK of that possibility). I am so relieved that you seem to be better, but I hope you will let a doctor look at your side and shoulder the next time you are there.


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