Thursday, December 17, 2009

Spa on a Shoestring?

I guess the phrase “Shoestring Budget” is really relative. I came across a “Spa on a Shoestring” Beauty feature in the January 2010 Parents Magazine (I signed up for something like a 3 year subscription before Sadie was born, so I guess it will be showing up in our mailbox for a couple more years) and started to skim over the products. I don’t know about my readers but I know that my idea of “on a Shoestring” seems to be a lot different from “shoestrings” of the beauty editors at Parents (I guess that shouldn’t comes as a surprise… my shoestrings are not designer either! In fact I accidently left my sneakers outside and a fox chewed through one of my shoelaces. I tied it back together and it’s still holding!).

Let’s take a looks at what “Spa on a Shoestring” Includes.

Cures by Avance Seaweed Bath Crystals for $39
Aveda Chakra 2 Balancing Body Mist $30
Fresh Coriander Lavender Petit Soap $12
L’Occitane Home Perfume Diffuser and Refill Set $32
Pollenex Solid Teak Shower Mat $40 (the article informs us that “A water resistant wooden mat instantly says “spa.”
Vivaterra Organic Cotton Spa Towel $37
Boots Botanics Conditioning Clay Mask $9
Bath Accessories Company Inc. Loofah Duck Sponge $4
Pier 1 Imports Dark Wood Brush $5

Setting up this “Shoestring Spa” costs $208. I think that probably covers my Family’s soap/shampoo/conditioner/toothpaste/ect. Expenses for an entire year. I don’t think I’ll be buying a $12 bar of soap anytime soon. And bath crystals for $39. That’s insane (at least it is if you’re really on a Shoestring Budget).

A few times a year I do splurge at CVS and give myself a “spa hour.” It usually involves on of those little hair masks and the self-heating facial mask that cost less than two dollars each. Now that is a Spa on a Shoestring Budget.

I don’t think the editor’s at Parents have been affected much by this recession! They need real life mom ideas about how to have little luxuries during tough times without breaking the bank!

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