Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Lil' Blog!

This deserves a Sadie Smile (and it certainly made me smile): A Woman's Place... hit 41 followers, passed 13,000 hits (it's just a little blog so far, but that feels like a lot to me! I only started in June!) and had a visitor from the Vatican according to the country counter and the map! What a big day!

I remember celebrating when I got Paul to create a google account follow my blog to bump it up to 20-something followers a few months ago.

I have to admit, I have a little competition going in my head between this blog and my Sadie Blog (which is more like a day to day mom's journal sort of blog) and I'm always routing for this blog because I put a lot more thought (and work!) into it!

And I've met so many amazing people and learned so much about what I believe over these last few months! Thanks you guys!


  1. Looks like Sadie is caged up.

  2. Nope, the fireplace is. Sadie hasn't quite got the concept of hot down yet! So she's locked out!

  3. I have to say your blog is my favorite blog. I read it so often, I am probably at fault for the 13,000 hits (just kidding!). I really enjoy your beautiful writing style, the way you talk about your faith so openly (if only I could be so courageous!), and I learn so much about the Church from your blog. Also, the fact that you have a child close to my daughter's age helps, because it gives me a glimpse of what I have to look forward to :). I hope you continue writing, as your writing is very inspiring.

  4. Thanks Maria! That's so sweet! It made my day after I got a mean comment calling me a fundamentalist! I've met so many amazing people since I've started writing this blog and it motivates me to learn more so I can write more! And it's great getting to know so many amazing moms! I'm inspired daily by you all!

  5. Okay, two things here. 1. Just curious - does Paul do a lot of your photography? 2. Why not post the fundamentalist comment? Might be fun - a little variety. :)

  6. Hi Cliff-
    Yes he does. In fact he takes so many pictures you may see some with an annoyed look that is almost like a trend through the years. Although I am grateful that he puts up with my "I need a picture for the blog" requests!

    I did most the comment (it's down there on an older post about abortion somewhere). I post everything that isn't actually foul (those are thankfully rare and usually come in email form) because the writers usually only make themselves look bad.

    But they're always anonymous! No ones brave enough to put their first names these days when they're being mean!


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