Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I know it looks like Sadie's in a cage in this picture, but she's really outside the cage. Those of you who have been reading this blog for a very long time may remember our struggle to keep Sadie away from the wood stove and the stone hearth that the wood stove stands on. As soon as she learned to crawl it was like an accident waiting to happen. She would crawl over and use the little stones to pull herself up and toddle around on the brink of disaster. We tried time outs (she giggled). We said "no" (she cried). But she still kept toddling over and trying to climb up to touch the wood stove.

So before fire place season started we brought her outdoor playpen inside and set it up around the fire place. Soon it will be expanded so that it can protect our hapless Christmas tree (although with the level of determination Sadie is going to bring to the table I'm not sure that anything will save any tree in our house from total destruction). The cats enjoy the fence too, because, in times of extreme Sadie stress they can take refuge in the cat bed on the hearth and try as she might Sadie will not be able to reach them (although she may resort to throwing toys at them).

Tomorrow is the first OB appointment! I'm only 8 weeks and since I didn't go to the doctor with Sadie until closer to 12, because we didn't find out until later, I don't know whether we'll be able to hear a heartbeat yet. I hope we will! If not it's only a few weeks away!


  1. Now that right there is a cute picture! I'm curious, what kind of woodstove do y'all have in that cabin?
    Is that your primary heat source? We have an Avalon stove, but it's an insert instead of freestanding, so we don't get as much heat out of it as we'd like. It does make a wonderful spot for everyone (dog too) to congregate.

  2. Actually the wood stove is in my parent's house. We just have a little space heater, because the cabin's so small that it would bake with a wood stove! My parents have one of those big free standing wood stoves and it was cooking today. It got the house up to 79 degrees before we had to open the windows and it was freezing outside. I'm not sure the brand though. They used to have one of the wood stoves inserts in the house I grew up in, and while it was very pretty it didn't work nearly as well to heat the house, even though it had a fan that was supposed to circulate the air. They do have a heating system too, although the wood stove is great to heat the entire downstairs.


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