Sunday, December 6, 2009

New Teeth!

Sadie has been up and down today, giggling one minute and bursting into tears the next, but I'm not hopeful that it may not be an ear infection. I hadn't even thought of the other cause of ear pulling (since she's so prone to ear infections): teething. Sadie was having an unusually difficult Mass this morning and just like during the rest of the day she was going back and forth between giggling and crying (she usually sits like an angel, or at least allows Paul to hold her like an angel). Today she wasn't having it at all.

At one point when the giggling started she threw herself back in my arms and smiled up at the lights in the ceiling (we had finally emerged from the room that is usually used for confession, but that I slip into when Sadie goes crazy since our church doesn't have a cry room). It was then that I saw what might be the problem. Sadie's third set of teeth on the top are coming in. The left one is halfway through and I think I've heard somewhere that eye teeth can be pretty painful.

I hope it's not an ear infection and that it's just teething! A few times we have had both going on at the same time, but it would be nice this time if it were one or the other (and since we know teething is happening, I'm hoping the ear infection is not!). If it doesn't get better once the tooth breaks through I'll be calling the clinic just to make sure.

She's feeling well enough now to sleep though and she was feeling well enough for most of the day to play with the cats. I took a bunch of pictures of her with Delilah today that I'll try to remember to download to post tomorrow.

Oh and then there are the dancing pictures. Sadie dances like an elephant stomping around the room throwing in an occasional twirl. I'm not sure the pictures do the dancing justice, but they definitely make me laugh!


  1. Poor Princess Sadie! That doesn't sound like much fun. I hope she has a good day today. I would love to see pictures of her dancing. I hope you have a wonderful week!


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