Saturday, December 5, 2009

Not Again!

I am afraid that we are, once more, in the midst of a double ear infection. I remember thinking during my pre-baby days that we wouldn’t be dealing with ear infections. After all, breastfed babies, just don’t get ear infections… Right?

I didn’t.

There must be some truth to that. I mean, a lot of people have repeated it to me, looking surprised when I say that she gets them pretty regularly and has since she was born.

A few days ago Sadie started pulling at her ears. Then she started doing this little jerking movement with her shoulders so that they would touch her ears when she shrugged. Not a good sign at all.

Finally this morning she woke me up at 5 am to tell me in no uncertain terms that she was unhappy. And when a seventeen month old is unhappy no one in the house is going to be happy (or more importantly, asleep). A few hours later when we made it into Nani and Grumpa’s living room she had a dose of Tylenol and clung to my legs to let me know I should not leave the room. Curious George finally helped calms her down so that I could slip away and get ready to start the day and when I came back…

She was back to her giggly self (mostly). You can still tell she’s not feeling great because she’s a little fussier than normal, but it was an improvement from her mood when she first opened her little blue eyes.

The doctor says that these ear infections should go away on their own, but if she’s still having a hard time on Monday I think we’ll go in to the clinic. There’s no point in her being sick for this long if she doesn’t have to be.

When I asked the doctor what we could do to prevent the ear infections he said she just has to grow… he explained something about the tubes getting more vertical as they got longer, so that they drained better. I hope that happens soon. An ear infection every two months is not fun!

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