Monday, December 14, 2009


I'm Back!

I have been in bed by 7:15 these last two nights and asleep before 8. Since my Sadie blogging usually happens after that time I haven't posted! And I have so much to write about! It's been a busy couple of days.

First off, Sadie's 10 nightly wakings finally convinced me that we need to night wean. That means she'll still be nursing during the day. She nurses in the morning, which I always counted as at night, for her nap and then to go to bed, which I also counted previously as at night. Those three feedings can stay. The ten other feedings in the middle of the night are being cut off. And the new rule is no feeding in bed. We sleep in bed. And I'm hoping that there will be a lot more sleeping going on.

I explained it to Sadie after she got out of the bath. I figured that if she can understand step by step instructions and carry them out, she could understand it when I told her that she wouldn't be having milk again until we got up in the morning. She frowned, but didn't cry. And while there was some whimpering (and a great deal of Glow Worm cuddling) and a few tears, the night went pretty well. She seemed to sleep more soundly. I hope that the trend continues. And my main Christmas wish: that she starts sleeping through the night by Christmas!

It's been 17 months since I slept through the night. I'd like to sleep through the night for a few months before I start staying up all night again!

We've also discovered that Sadie is not afraid of the dark. The other day she followed Pumpkin (or seventeen year old, not too sweet tabby cat) into the bathroom and shut the door on the dark, windowless room. Nani finally opened the door after about fifteen seconds because she was afraid Sadie might "accidently" lock herself in but Sadie and Pumpkin seemed content to hang out in the dark. She has no problem wandering off, into a dark part of the house at night either. She's so independent!

And now it's bath time... Hopefully tonight goes at least as well as last night! I'm cautiously optimistic!

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  1. Kay's experiences with what you're going through were different with each kiddo. What I recall as most memorable was when #3, Angela was born. #2, Nathan was about 22months, but not weaned. So, I bring Nathan to Kay's hospital room just as Angela is getting fussy. He saw his mommy pick up this little thing and snuggle her up to nurse...



    and he took off running the other way. It wasn't until everyone got home, and he realized he could still do his thing too, then they all got along fine. Funny thing, Nathan & Angela have always been best of buddies.

    Cam - check your email. We have Grandma back in her home town now.

    God bless.


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