Friday, December 4, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

We've had a busy couple of days! I planned on writing a post last night, but Sadie nearly stayed awake longer than I did and in the end I was too tired to even pick up my computer and type a few sentences. So here is the Sadie update:

We had our first doctor's appointment today for the new baby. Sadie went along and LOVED the OBs waiting room. It has one of those typical bead toy trays and she sat playing with it for at least half an hour until we were called back to an exam room. Over the course of this half hour she taught herself how to whistle (which was quite a surprise, when I first heard the sound I thought she couldn't breath, only to look more closely to see what she was choking on to find that her little lips were puckered and the sound was intentional. Since yesterday she's done it quite a few times, so she seems to be remembering how to make the sound!).

When it was time to go back in the room though, things took a bad twist. Sadie looked around, recognized the doctors office for what it was (all it took was the sight of a scale) and made the leap that she was there for shots. Things got very loud before Paul took her outside to play in the leaves.

On the up side there was a backhoe loader outside and she got to look at that before the appointment. And we got most of our cousin Christmas present shopping out of the way!

Sadie also has a new word. It is "Ditty." Ditty is a cross between "kitty" and "Delilah" (her favorite cats name). Ditty gets chased, cuddled, kissed and giggled at quite a bit. And for some reason, which completely baffles me, she continues to follow Sadie around the house adoringly. I would run and hide if I were her!


  1. Little Sadie is such a precious little lady. I just love reading about her adventures and I am grateful that you are sharing this journey with her. She will be a special lady in your life--your oldest daughter, the one who will help you with your other children. It is remarkable to think about, really. And it is so much fun to think of her being followed adoringly by your beautiful and long-suffering cat!

  2. Thank you! That's so sweet! I am constantly amazed by Sadie and her kitty! Delilah is so patient! I think I say "no pulling tails" a dozen times a day!


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