Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Craziness: Shopping with Sadie

The pre-Christmas craziness continues. Yesterday I did not touch my computer. We got up bright and early and four generations of my family trekked together into “the city” for some “last minute” Christmas shopping (that really isn’t last minute at all). It was however, rather stressful coordinating everyone.

There is one store that I absolutely dread taking Sadie into: Best Buy. I’m surprised we haven’t been Banned for Life. I don’t know what it is about Best Buy that sends her into an insanely hyper active mode, but it happens each and every time we cross through the doors. She looks around, sees all those big screen TVs (yesterday they happened to have a hockey game on) and goes crazy. I let her do laps around the store yesterday (with the instruction that she had to hold onto my hand or she’d lose her walking privilege) hoping to avert the inevitable disaster. She giggled through the TVs. She hugged several washing machines (she was especially taken with the beautiful red washer/dryer set).

And then she rounded a corner and saw… the guitar hero drum set that was set up. I didn’t realize the tantrum that was just around the corner and thought it could be a great distraction while everyone was shopping for a computer for my grandma. The game was on demo mode, so Sadie wasn’t actually playing. She just thumped on the drums for a while and giggled to herself. Then I tried to get her to go see what everyone was doing (we were supposed to be heading down to Michael’s with Nani while Grumpa helped them decide on a computer) and the tantrum began. Sadie loved Guitar Hero. She didn’t want to leave the drum set. I finally dragged her out of the store and headed down to Michael’s on my own. Upon crossing through the big automatic doors Sadie became herself again and started to laugh about the raindrops falling from the sky (she even sat quietly in the cart as I looked at wool in Michaels). It’s just something about that store!

However I’m hopeful that things have settled down a bit around here. I’ve got the presents shipped to my eight nieces and nephews and the photo books for all the parents and grandparents are ordered and should be on their way. Almost all of my Christmas cards are in the mail (I still need a few more addresses) and my Sadie Shopping is long since done. I’ve even got Paul’s presents taken care of. Now I just need to find a way to keep my eyes open after 8 each night so I stop waking up at 4am every morning. I can’t wait for the second trimester energy boost!

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  1. "second trimester energy boost! "

    What a chuckle! I just saw the exact same line over at Mrs. Darwin's blog.


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