Monday, December 21, 2009


There was one part of Sadie's disaster prone day this weekend that I forgot to write about. This one ended up much better though:

After we decorated the Christmas tree Sadie was racing around the house in giggle mode. She ran right past where Daddy was sitting on the couch and stumbled over his feet. His right hand shot out and he managed to catch her back just as she was about to fall into the chair next to the couch. And what did she do? She looked up at him and said, in a very exasperated tone, "Daddy!" as if he'd ruined some fun thing that she'd been trying to do by being over protective. It was a tone that I can imagine little Sadie using as a teenager when Daddy says you have to be "____ (30?) before you can date!"

Sadie and I are both doing great this morning! I was a little sore for the last couple days and Sadie had a bruise on her poor little leg from the fall, but I think we're both recovered (and I'm being much more careful AND wearing flat shoes...). Now to go weigh in at the health department. I wonder if I'll hear "you've gained a lot of weight for this early in pregnancy!" Is that a sign that this is going to be another almost 10 pounder?

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  1. 26 years old would be reasonable.

    Off-topic, I read somewhere the left-coast may have total pot legalization on the ballot next November. Y'all know how to live it up out there. hehehehe

    Actually, I personally would not object to liberalized drug laws, BUT ONLY if we could strictly outlaw public intoxication.


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