Friday, December 18, 2009

The Present Finder

Sadie found her Christmas Present. I really hadn't thought much about really hiding them and her main present (the Wonder Pets School House) ended up in Nani and Grumpa's room on it's side. You can hardly see it with the bottom facing out and the bookcase on one side. It really is barely noticeable. Unless you are a tiny Wonder Pet seeking Bunny.

Sadie, who apparently only talks when it's convenient (and she has something VERY important to say) walked over to the box before bath time a couple of days ago and gave it a once over. Then she half turned looked up at Nani, pointed at the box and said "What's that?" Nani was so surprised she wasn't sure she'd heard her correctly at first. I do wonder if she'll open Christmas presents herself this year or if she'll be too distracted by everything that's going on... she does seem to love tearing up bits of paper.


  1. Sadie and Susi must be on the same brainwave. Just yesterday, I noticed she had opened several Christmas presents underneath the tree. Today she was grabbing little presents and putting them in her favorite spots around the house.

    Funny how Sadie only talks when she has something important to say. She probably understands a lot more than she lets on.

  2. Princess Sadie has built-in radar, it sounds like!! This story was just too cute!


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