Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Big Shopping

Shopping in a Walmart Super Store is no small task. Our Walmart was only recently transformed from a normal Walmart into a sprawling giant with everything you could possibly think to need. There was a time, that feels oh so long ago, when I would have listened to my (wealthy) college professors and gone somewhere else. These days I find myself excitedly looking at the soup cans in the soup aisle thinking "this is a dollar cheaper than at Food Max and the soup at Food Max is two dollars cheaper than the ones at our local store." That is an insane markup.

Sadie had reached the end of her rope midway through the food shopping portion of the trip. If it wasn't a three hour round trip drive the shopping might have been something that took two days. Instead we combined toy shopping, random things we need shopping (which apparently include Princess Snow Boots for Sadie) and food shopping for one very, very long trip.
Thus I should have expected the meltdown that occurred in Produce, when Sadie, who was more than a little overwhelmed, decided that she just couldn't take it anymore and started shrieking at the top of her lungs. Let's just say checkout was not the high point of the day. But, Sadie was thrilled when we got home and she learned that she could actually wear her beautiful boots (I'm not sure what she thought they for, but I don't think that she recognized them as shoes right away. They are so different from the shoes she has! So much taller and shinier!).

So today's pictures are of Sadie wearing her new boots. It took several tries before she could even stand up in them and then walking was a little wobbly, but I'm sure she'll get the hang of it! And her toes will be toasty warm!

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  1. Well, you can tell Sadie that I sympathize with her. I have been tempted to have a meltdown after an exhausting day of errand-running myself, so I completely understand. And her new boots are quite chic!!!


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