Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Daily Dose of Cuteness: Taking Sadie to Mass

Paul is back to working nights (most of the time.... they still switch him back and forth some weeks) so I took Sadie to morning Mass yesterday on my own. I was a little nervous. She's been a bit of a monster lately (in Church) and I wasn't looking forward to continue her thirty plus pounds of energy by myself.

I was running a few minutes behind and walked through the doors seconds before Mass was about to start. Sadie was already slipping off my hip and I struggled with her up to the front of the Church where everyone sits during daily Mass ( we were about six pews back).

Sadie noticed right away that the priest that had baptized her was saying the Mass and her tiny little face lit up. When we sat down for the readings she twisted around on my lap and sat forward, quietly peering up at the front.

As Mass progressed she continued to allow me to hold her quietly (I have to say that I was shocked, sitting with her at Mass for the last few months has been similar to wrestling with a baby octopus). Then I noticed that she had started to blow kisses up at the priest and would gasp and cover her mouth in amazement as Mass went on. She was absolutely transfixed by what was going on.

When Mass was almost over, just before the blessing, she started to giggle and sing softly to herself, the first noise she'd made the entire time!


  1. Enjoyed this post. Now we are all waiting in rapt anticipation to hear what the priest thought of this.

    Is Sadie out of her current teething phase now? You seem to be on a roll of posting, figure she is either playing quietly or perhaps the neighbors pot farms waft over to sedate everyone.

    There were several babies at the funeral yesterday. I always think that makes a sad time much more tolerable.

  2. Oh, how sweet! At least she gave you some peace and rest for today, right? We can worry about tomorrow tomorrow. ;)

  3. Hi-
    We had breakfast with the priest this morning and while he didn't see the kisses he definitely saw the smile. They had fun playing with a straw and a spoon across the table, although today at Mass she was being little Miss Shy and when he said hi to her she hid her face.

    She has been taking some pretty long naps, giving me a little bit of writing and blogging time. Hopefully she'll wake up in time to watch the Rose Bowl with Daddy. She's going to be angry though when she sees that Nani and Grumpa took the tree down...


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