Saturday, December 5, 2009

Kevin Jennings Brings New Level of Perversion into Schools

He must be stopped.

I read this article over on and clicked at the link at the bottom, which took me over to Gateway Pundit at First Things and his new post on Kevin Jennings, Obama's "Safe School Czar" and his new GLSEN reading list. It is truly disturbing. Actually it goes way past disturbing. It is disgusting and pornographic by any standard.

I think a look at this reading list would absolutely horrify 99% of parents.

We've always planned on homeschooling. I would think that this would cause quite a few parents to give homeschooling or private schools more thought, because it this goes through it seems that the public schools of the past will be nonexistent. This takes "socialization" to a whole new level.

Edit: As you can see from the comments the months of sleep deprivation (and now pregnancy hormones) got to me and I typed the wrong name. Thanks for the corrections! I even wrote a new post on it here, because, boy do I feel like an idiot.


  1. oh.. wow... How sick. I feel horrible for even skimming the reading list.

    May God have mercy on our President. This just goes beyond anything I had imagined he would stoop to allow. I should have known better.

    I wonder what my father would say if I showed him this? He's an Obama supporter unfortunately.

    I hope you don't mind I'm going to post a link on my blog to here for them to get to the links.

  2. Hi Allison-

    I know what you mean about feeling horrible, it's just sickening. I cannot imagine kids reading it.

    And you can definitely repost anything you find here! We've got to get the word out about this because this is just so outrageous!

    I had to post the cute picture after this just to distract myself and get it out of my head. Yuck!

  3. Hi Cam & Paul, I didn't feel it necessary to read the book excerpts. The gist of the article was enuf. Prayer & homeschooling your children are, I believe, the prescription to cure these ills in our society. Also, as you have more children, God willing, you will find yourself more caught up in the direct parenting role with less time to peruse what trashes the landscape. Paul may well agree with me that besides prayer, here lies the prescription for the authors of vile books:

    :) God bless!

  4. This is so disgusting!!! Thank you for sharing. Just one of the many reasons I will homeschool my children!

  5. Hi Cliff-

    That's a pretty good fix for the sledge hammer! And there are trees in Kansas!

    I was telling my mom about the Ken Jennings tonight and I think the thing that's the most disturbing to me is that these books are, supposedly, what all the kids in public schools are going to have read (like they're normal) growing up then someday they'll be going to college with our kids.... They're just trying to normalize so many things! Actually, I think it scares me more for the kids in our grandchildren's generation who are going to be raised by people who were taught this was normal. I don't even want to think about that!

    For some reason the sledge hammer made me think of the burn barrel we have out back. I think that's the perfect solution for those books that are already out there in print! And it's even in season, so it's legal here in the heart of forest fire country!

    Hi Jennifer-

    It definitely reenforces the idea of homeschooling. There was never any doubt in my mind, but it makes me even more adamant.

  6. "made me think of the burn barrel"

    Funny you should mention that. Facebook has a group called, "'Tis a Shame So Many Books Go Unburned".

  7. I believe you meant KEVIN Jennings.

  8. It's actually KEVIN Jennings, Ken Jennings is the jeopardy contestant. Common mix up. :)

  9. Psst! KEN Jennings was that Mormon guy who won a bunch of Jeopardy games. I think you mean KEVIN Jennings.

  10. You people are freaks. Grow up. I love it when people blame their parental shortcomings on public schools. Idiots.

  11. Anon @ 2:01-

    My children will never see the inside of a public school classroom (before college at least, then it's up to them) so I wouldn't be able to blame any problems my children may have on public schools.

    You seem very angry though. I've met so many angry liberals. I feel very, very sorry for them. I'll pray for you!

    I'm not sure going around anonymously insulting people shows your superior maturity. Just something to think about. :) Have a lovely, blessed day.

  12. "In all fairness, Ken Jennings needs to read all of those books in order to do so well in trivia challenges, like he did on Jeopardy.

    I agree with Cliff above, btw, I don't think it's necessary to read and understand the issues before commenting on them.  That's the wonder and majesty of Our Lord, that we aren't restricted to any "facts" - we can understand things with our faith.

    It is a good show, though, that Jeopardy."


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