Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Virgin Mary was Pro-Choice?.. More From Donna Quinn

You may remember Donna Quinn. She is the nun who works as an escort at abortion clinics. She's in the news again, this time for calling the defeat in the Senate of the pro-life Nelson amendment "providential." Here's what Creative Minority Report had to say:

"Citing a poem about the Virgin Mary, Quinn noted the providential date of the amendment's defeat.

"I was reminded of being with men and women from the Unitarian faith tradition last year as they celebrated Mary who by her (ascent), they believed, was one of the first women in the New Testament to express Choice," Quinn said."

That has to be the most disgusting thing I've read in a while.


  1. Ugh, I read this and thought about posting it on my blog just about an hour ago, but I am just speechless.

    How in the world can anyone say Mary was pro-choice? Uh, hello? She chose to give LIFE to a son while pregnant out of wedlock. Something to inspire our youth. Not contort into a reason for abortion.

    There's an email address at the bottom of the article for the Cardinal of Chicago, I seriously am considering writing to him questioning why she's still a member of the Church while still talking of this nonsense.

  2. She must have a sad, mixed up heart & mind. I'd rather hang around your hippies than with that poor "nun".

    Good night.

  3. It's just so crazy. I remember reading that her superiors in her order had issued a statement against her actions as an escort, but then, if I remember correctly, I believe they took the statement down after a couple of days. I was too tired to look for the link yesterday though, so I didn't add it.

    And people wonder why the Vatican is doing an investigation!


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