Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Baby Names!

I love baby names! I could sit for hours and flip through baby name books (it's funny that we don't actually own any!) and I couldn't help but click when I saw this article on the Yahoo homepage this morning. Next I followed the link over to the 100 most popular baby names of 2009 and scrolled down the list. When I started out I was a little smug (as in "oh I'm so original!" although maybe it just means I have bad taste!)... I like old fashioned names and while a few of my favorites have become very popular lately, most of them still weren't on the list. Or so I thought. And then I saw it. #91. Sadie! It was on the list. So I started reading more carefully, comparing my "list" to the top 100. Here's my list and here's what I found (you may notice these are all girl names... Paul and I made a deal long ago and I came up with a girl's name list and Paul came up with the boy's name list. We both have veto rights, one of the names below was vetoed, but we agreed pretty quickly and pretty much have the names of any children we may have picked out already):

(in no particular order...)

1. Margaret ("Maggie" for short)
2. Charlotte (#58)
3. Mary (Maria is #80)
4. Isabelle (#36. Isabella is #1)
5. Alice (Allison is #45)
6. Abigail (#11)
7. Jane
8. Lucy (#70)
9. Anna (#34. Although I think I've let Paul convince me to change this one to Anastasia.)
10. Sophia (#2)

I guess you can't really be all that original when you like traditional names! Only 2 of my names didn't make the Top 100 List!


  1. I think you two must be WAY TOO ORGANIZED! Even that photo is rehashed, musta been settin' in the "when I post about baby names" file. Every kid already named? Oh my. And here I always thought it was every woman's prerogative to change her mind. hmmm... :) There. Thought I'd better add a smiley to this. :)

    NONE of our kiddos' names were firmly decided before labor set in. Well, we picked "traditional" names too.

    Oh - btw - you should be getting real familiar with Paul's list... Sadie just might have a little brother kicking her soon. :)

  2. I love baby names too. I've always thought I was weird for it, but now I think it's just ingrained in us female folk. Love your choices. I go for the more traditional as well. When and if, our top choices are Rachel and Paul ;)

  3. My hubby and I came up with our list from combinations of other family members (living and deceased) names. We also tweeked a few names so that it wasn't exact. For example, if we had a girl we would name her after the feminine form of both her grandfather's names. So Stephen would become Stephanie. And Charles would become Charlotte.

    I came up with the concept because my husband and I are both named after our great grandparents. I'm traditional. Plus it helps narrow the list. I came up with an initial list and hubby gets to pick one from it. He's not big into naming things so the shorter the list the easier.

  4. Hi Cliff-
    I'm a lister! My mom says it's an obsession. In fact, I found a list a couple of years ago (written in crayon and with barely legible writing) that was dated 1984. I was born in 1982. It started early! I will have to do a post on the boys' name list. It's on Paul's computer and I couldn't come up with more than three off the top of my head.

    Hi Brooke-
    I think it is engrained. I have a cat that is will be 17 this year that's named "Sadie." I had the names picked out back then! I like your top choices!

    Hi Delta Flute-
    Sadie was a family name too (my great great grandmother who I grew up hearing stories about, although hers was spelled with a t instead of a d in the middle). Most of ours are a combo (between first and middle names of family names and saint names. It's so much fun to come up with!

  5. cute names!! I like traditional/older names, too. My boyfriend and I have already decided that if we have ever have girls, their names are going to be Ava, Rossalyn, Grace, or Charlotte. The boys names are going to come from my dad's family- Rusten, Theodore, William, or Scott.


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