Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sadie the Cheese Thief

We've found yet another thing that Sadie thinks is hilarious. The other day she was standing near Grumpa in the living room and Grumpa said "Sadie, can you go get me a piece of cheese." Sadie turned around, ran into the kitchen and hung on the refrigerator door (which she thankfully can't open by herself yet). Nani followed her in and asked her if she wanted to help get Grumpa a piece of cheese. Sadie helped Nani get the cheese out and then watched while Nani cut it into slices. Then she handed Sadie a little piece. Sadie gobbled it up. Next Nani took a slice, handed it to Sadie and said "Sadie, can you please go give this cheese to Grumpa."

Sadie sprinted into the other room cheese in hand. She walked over to Grumpa. Because one of the pillows from her pillow house was in front of his chair she didn't get too close. She put out her hand with the cheese in it for Grumpa to take it, but when he reached for it she snatched it back, put it in her mouth and started to giggle.

The next day Nani did another demonstration for me of "Sadie getting cheese" and the same thing happened. She ran out happily, pretended to hand a piece of cheese to me, and then put it into her own mouth and started to laugh. This reminds me of a certain Binkie incident that happened months ago... I hope she doesn't start stealing Binkies again when she's a big sister! That could cause some major tears.

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