Friday, December 4, 2009

Doctor's Visit #1- 8 weeks along- Part 2

The doctor's appointment went well! Even the nurse understood how I knew that the due date would be wrong if we used the first day of my cycle and so we came up with an official due date of July 11th. That's 20 days after Sadie's second birthday (and I'm guessing it will be a few days earlier since it's a scheduled C-section (yuck)). I'm not sure how that works, because I'm sure they don't want me to go into labor (my water broke the day before Sadie's due date and she was born on her due date).

My doctor was amazing and friendly this time! No comments about ABC. And when she asked and I told her Sadie was still nursing she said just to make sure to take my vitamins and to eat well! Yay!

Sadie on the other hand, did not take the doctor's visit as well. She thought that she was there for shots. She can recognize a doctor's office from a ways off and it's all down hill from there. She screamed until Paul had to take her outside to stomp in the leaves, so he missed the appointment. When the doctor came in she said smiling, "you're daughters gotten so big.... and she certainly has a pair of lungs on her!" Yes. Yes she does.

Sadie did approve of the toys in the waiting room however. I think I may enlist Nani though, to watch her for my next appointment.


  1. That's great!

    Thankfully Kalila has not become afraid of the dr's yet... She doesn't care for the shots but forgets about them quickly lol.

    On the due date thing... I had no prob w/ my midwife but when I went in for my 20 week ultrasound it confused the living daylights out of the dr where I went for it. We had a big talk about it and she was shocked that I have cycles longer than 28 days... The computers couldn't handle it either and when she adjusted the due date it put my LMP 2 weeks later...

  2. Well, it's about time you made this post! I was getting concerned...

    Some women have delivered normally even after having had a previous c-section. Don't know if that would be an option for you, but you will do just fine with your doctor's advice anyhow, without all the second guessing from your e-friends. :)

    I'm glad Paul went with you to handle Sadie. That's a good daddy! And that is a DARLING picture of her.

    I'm sitting in my MIL's hospital room right now while she & the doctor are discussing her situation. I'm a burned-out xray tech who knows just enough to be dangerous (haha), so they always want me to explain what the doctor just told them...

    Well, take care & God bless!

  3. Oh good! I'm glad it went well, and I'm glad the doctor didn't push anything on you.

    July is a great month for a birthday, I may be a bit biased though ;)

  4. Hi Mama Kalila-

    It's so great that she's not afraid of the doctor's yet. I wish Sadie would forget. She started panicking every time we went in really early! And everyone at the office is so nice! It didn't help that she was in a lot for ear infections when she was little.

    I was so worried about explaining the due date thing that I told the nurse what the first day of my cycle was and then I told her what it would be if it was a 28 day cycle (I just subtracted 14 because I figured they probably wouldn't be used to doing it) so that she could use the wheel. I'm not sure if they would have gotten it on their own though because everyone is so used to using the wheel!

  5. Hi Cliff-

    I was so tired last night that Sadie almost stayed up later than me. She was definitely resisting bedtime!

    I wish we could try a VBAC but the three hospitals that are "near" us (the closest being an hour and a half each way don't allow them. And after the last time (every doctor I saw had to tell me that Sadie and I would have died, some of them several times) I'd be afraid to try it outside of a hospital. The bad part is that my doctor would let me try (she said it probably wouldn't work, but might) but the hospital's insurance says absolutely not. I think it's one of those things where they say no if a woman has had one c-section even if they've had five successful VBACs since then. It's kind of crazy.

    I hope your mother-in-law is doing alright! Prayers!

  6. Hi Allison-

    Thanks! I love July too! It's such a fun month! The 4th of July is huge here!

  7. I'm so glad that things went well for you! Poor Sadie, thinking she was getting shots - I apparently was just like that. Marie

  8. Hi Marie-

    Thanks! My mom says that I was like that too and since the table at the doctor's office weren't solid like they are now I hid under it and refused to come out! I still don't like shots, although I went in and got the H1N1 because I was more nervous about not getting it now that I'm pregnant.


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