Friday, December 11, 2009

Walking with Sadie in a Winter Wonderland!

Poor Sadie. It's been so cold that we've been cooped up inside all week. Sadie just doesn't understand why we can't go out when the sky is beautiful and blue and the world looks so sparkly and fresh. So what if it happens to be 11 degrees out? She wants to run and play! Especially since she can see the deer eating and playing outside. They've finally started to come back down out of the high country following hunting season and Sadie is pretty sure they could be friends (Mommy is pretty sure that's not going to happen).

But today it started to snow early in the morning. When we came out of the cabin we were surprised to see that the whole world was white (or was at least on its way to it). And since snow means clouds and clouds mean a slight increase in temperature, we got bundled up after breakfast and headed out.

Sadie could hardly believe her luck. It took a few tries to get used to walking in her new boots in the snow, but by the time we were halfway down the hill to the flood plain she was running and squealing. At the bottom of the hill she was shocked to learn that snow can be edible. After that we had to stop every three steps for her to pick up a handful of snow. After taking a bite she would hand it to me to "share."

Note: The only picture so far on this blog with me in pants. It's so much harder to motivate myself to wear dresses when I'm feeling icky in the mornings AND it's freezing cold outside! I had on a knee length maternity dress, but it was so spring colored and ridiculous that I tucked it in under my jacket. I also need to find my snow boots. Those high heels are definitely not for snow!

"Would you like some snow?"

Once we were down on the flood plain she started running around so quickly it was tough to get a picture of her. She would charge at Daddy, who had the camera and throw her hands up to signal "touchdown!" Then when Daddy would try to snap the picture she would put her arms down and sprint off. She was too fast for our camera to catch most of the time.


And then we headed back to the house to get warmed up. Sadie definitely would have stayed outside all day if she'd had the chance, even with her cold pink little nose and icy fingers. I need to find some toddler, waterproof mittens.

This is one of the few posts that will actually be on both blogs! That's how much we love playing in the snow!


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