Monday, December 14, 2009

A Busy Weekend and Checking Things of My To Do List!

Here's a quick post to start off the busy week. Yesterday was devoted to finishing up the Photo Books that I'm making for my parents and grandparents and for Paul's parents and grandmother. I had a moment of panic midway through the day when my computer stubbornly refused (for the whole of nap time) to recognize the internet connection (my parents have satellite internet, which isn't always that consistent anyways, especially during winter, but it's pretty much our only option since they don't run cable out this far into the middle of nowhere.). Because of that little mishap I'm only halfway through the books (the ones to Paul's family were ordered yesterday and shipped directly to their home) and my goal for today is to create and order the books for my side of the family.

Last night was also a big night. Sadie's ten nighttime feedings a night finally pushed me over the edge and I announced yesterday that we are night weaning. It wasn't something I had planned on doing until I completely weaned her at 24 months, but since I'll be having a baby when she's 24 months old things are changing a bit. I didn't want her associating the baby with weaning (I think that could be a disaster). I was hoping she would stop on her own (as lots of people have told me is apt to happen when a nursing mom is pregnant). Knowing Sadie as I do though, that just isn't going to happen.

It was not the disaster I thought it would be. Glowy the Glow Worm was a huge help. And Sadie seemed to sleep better since she didn't fall asleep nursing. I'm hoping that this trend holds and that I start getting to sleep through the night before long. It would be nice to have a few months of sleep before I'm up again with the new little one! And that's my real Christmas wish!

Today's Daily Dose of Sadie Cuteness is a reminder of summer! It's actually been above freezing these last few days so we've been able to go on a few, very muddy walks. Puddle stomping pictures to come!


  1. Looking forward to the puddle stompers!

  2. Wow are you patient! I could use some of that. I got Pumpkin off night feedings and sleeping 12 hours at 3 months. I am not a happy person if I don't sleep.

  3. Good luck with the photo book. I keep meaning to do the same with all of Susi's photos, but I somehow always seem to be too distracted with other things. Maybe I should give it a second shot...

  4. Good for you, Cam, on the night weaning! My first two were 28 months apart, and let me tell you -- it wasn't easy! Their father worked midnights, so I was left alone to deal with the nighttime routine. A toddler screaming for the breast is not easy to endure, and my little one won out at night. I can't believe I survived. :-D

    Take care,



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