Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More Teething Troubles

I am sitting with one very uncomfortable sleeping baby. Her nose started running yesterday and she spent a miserable night tossing and turning. We think it could be the five teeth that are coming in (two of them are molars way in the back, all by themselves). I just hope she's feeling better by Christmas Eve. She curled up and sat on my lap all morning and cried when I tried to read her penguin book, which is usually a favorite (to be honest we usually read the penguin book, on demand, somewhere around a dozen times a day, so Sadie's insistence that I put it down came as a surprise).

Hopefully this will be a good nap and she'll wake up feeling a bit better. After last night she needs the sleep!


  1. Panic. We can't find the oreos. haha. Jacob came running in just as this page opened up.

    Poor Sadie. Let her sleep if she will & enjoy that time for yourself. Of course, you probably like the penguin book too... :) Our oldest had "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" read to him many times a day. Kay & I can still recite much of it from memory.

  2. My son (22 months) always gets snotty when he started teething. Have you tried Hylands Teething Tabs? They are all natural, and I don't know if we could have survived teething without them.


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