Sunday, December 6, 2009

Outfit of the Week

I did it again and forgot to post the Outfit of the Week for last week yesterday!

The picture on the left is also my nine week pregnancy picture! Only 31 more to go!

Paul says that this outfit reminds him of something out of the late 80's. I asked him if that was an insult and he said that late 80's is better than early or mid-eighties. Since I was still wearing pink my little pony high tops during the late 80's, I'm not sure whether or not to believe him. I should point out that there are no should pads in this top.

There are actually a dress and a skirt that make up the base for this outfit. The top (which is the glimpse of red you can barely see) is supposed to be a "dress." As a dress it is one of the least flattering things I have ever seen. It has all the shape of a sack of potatoes with an elastic band at the bottom. However, if you fold it over on itself and wear it as a shirt, it stays in place and is actually pretty cute (not at all potato sack-y).

The skirt is a shiny, holiday piece that I bought right after I met Paul, but that I hardly wore until I was pregnant with Sadie. It's kind of flouncy and I could never find anything that I liked that went with it until I started pairing it with maternity tops (which the top/dress actually isn't).

I borrowed my Mom's sweater so that I wouldn't freeze, although that ended up being hopeless because it was cold in our parish this morning. Those single paned windows just don't keep the cold out when it's 20 degrees outside, even if the heater has been blasting all morning.

The hat that I grabbed on my way out the door is Sadie's, although she refuses to wear it and throws it off every chance that she gets. When she noticed it on my head five minutes before Mass started, she was furious. She was already in a bit of a mood (we realized halfway through Mass that she has a new tooth that is halfway through to top off the ear ache) and she spent a few seconds trying to yank it off my head before moving on to her next complaint.

And of course I added the tights for warmth, which were paired with gold ballet flats that were off before Paul took this picture, finish off this week's Outfit of the Week.


  1. Hey there! What I noticed was that big grin on little Sadie. That makes for a real nice pic.

    If she doesn't have a fever, maybe the "earache" is just the new tooth. Hope so. God bless!

  2. Poor sweet Sadie. I'm so sorry she's experiencing both teething troubles and an earache. No fun! But she is certainly wearing a most charming smile in the picture above. I think your outfit looks very nice. Have a blessed week!

  3. Hi Cliff-

    Thanks! She was smiling a lot today. I'm hoping the ear ache is just the tooth! Hopefully it will break all the way through and she'll feel better in the morning!

    Hi Miss Linda-

    Thank you! She'd just had a bit of fun climbing up to see the cat, who was asleep, unsuspecting on the couch and it put her in a great mood! I'm hoping the earache is just teething (for once!) and that it'll be better soon! If it's not better in a couple of days I'll take her into the clinic. I'm optimistic though!

  4. i love that outfit!!!


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