Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sadie's Second Christmas!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Everyone here came down with the flu (all four generations!) but we still had a good time. Sadie was so delighted by every part of the day that it was impossible not to be happy (and we are all doing much better today!)! Why is it though that I always get the flu after I get a flu shot (I guess it never ends up being the right kind!)?!?!

Paul gave me thee books that I can't wait to read: Marriage by Dietrich Von Hildebrand, Children and Parents by Fulton Sheen, and How to Win the Culture Wars by Peter Kreeft. I've already started Marriage and I can tell it's going to inspire new blog posts! The first paragraph of the preface reads:
"Our epoch is characterized by a terrible anti-personalism, a progressive blindness toward the nature and dignity of the spiritual person. This anti-personalism expresses itself mainly in a radical collectivism and in the different kinds of materialism. Of these, biological materialism is perhaps the most dangerous, for it considers man as a more highly developed animal, his whole personality determined by mere physiological elements. Human life is considered exclusively from a biological point of view and biological principles are the measure by which all human activities are judged."
Looks like not much has changed in this regard the last eighty years since Von Hildebrand began writing Marriage. I think I may enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed Alice Von Hildebrand's The Privilege of Being a Woman (I've read it twice and will definitely read it again).

I also have a few new headcoverings (yay!) thanks to Paul! He had actually forgotten about them, but luckily I had stumbled across them in November and was able to remind him. After seeing the knit hats that are out there he's convinced that I should open my own knitting business. I'm working on learning how to felt hats right now and if that works out the way I think it will I might just give it a try.

I better run, nap time is over and Paul is wearing a tiny pink Red Sox hat while he and Sadie play Wonder Pets! I don't want to miss out on all the fun!

I think the writer's block (or maybe it's Bloggers Block in this case) that I've had for the last week is coming to an end! And I'll upload pictures soon too!

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