Monday, December 7, 2009

Sadie Loves Kitty

Sadie was so happy to see Delilah when we arrived home from Mass yesterday!

The climb begins.

It's not all that easy to climb in a dress. Especially not one this fluffy.

Half way there.

Moving in for a kitty kiss.

Hi! I missed you!

This was, yet another time, when we talked about not throwing things at the kitty. Sadie wants to show her toys to Delilah and doesn't understand why Delilah doesn't enjoy having things dropped on her or shoved at her nose. It's definitely a learning process, but thankfully there has been improvement. 90% of the time. I say the words "gentle. Gentle. GENTLE!" a lot.


  1. cute pics. Might I prophesy - if Sadie has a brother on the way, there may be fewer, "Gentle, Gentle", and a lot more, "NO! NO!" hahaha :)

  2. Sooo sweet!! That is a gorgeous dress little Sadie is wearing!


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