Saturday, December 19, 2009

Outfit of the Week

Here's my Outfit of the Week! And it's still in one piece! Sadie and I were headed down the stairs yesterday when we took a rather dramatic fall... and while I'm a little bruised and sore today, we're both okay (and hoping that today will be filled with fewer disasters...).

I think this may become one of my favorite outfits (although the shirt isn't going to last for much longer as my waistline continues to expand. I'll have to drag it back out next year when my waist is hopefully, shrinking again.). I'm just about ready to go dig through the garage to find my maternity clothes from last time around.

The skirt was a one dollar garage sale find (with the tags still on it!) that is definitely a favorite. The sweater is probably the most expensive part of my wardrobe and was a gift from my maid-of-honor before we got married (I can't believe it's 4 years old). It's from Express (which was one of my favorite stores in college, although it's way outside my price range these days). And the shirt was from one of those cheap, trashy mall stores (also during college) and it most definitely needs a tank top under it (the camisole is one of the ones that came in a package from Costco).

And of course, since Paul has banned my brown high heeled boots for the rest of this pregnancy as a result of the fall I switched them out for the gold princess ballet flats. A new favorite: this weeks Outfit of the Week!


  1. I hope you, Sadie and bubs are ok after the fall! At least bubs is well cushioned in utero!


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