Thursday, December 10, 2009


I'm keeping me fingers crossed. Our cabin and the water pump for my parent's house have the same power source. Today we added a horse water defroster to the mix and apparently it was just a little too much for the circuit (there's also a heat lamp on the pipes to keep them from freezing... it's way better than having Grumpa defrost them with a blow torch). Suddenly we had no water up at Nani's house (the first clue was when the water started having little pieces of dirt in it). Not a good addition to bath time. Now the fear is that the circuit will blow again tonight and we will wake up when the temperature in the cabin approaches freezing. Hopefully we can turn a few things off at bedtime so the heater doesn't put it over the edge. I really don't want to wake up to freezing cold inside the cabin.

Baby Bunny is thrilled that we discovered a cookie monster doll that her godmother Kehli gave her a while back. She wasn't sure about cookie monster at first (she alternated between loving him and being afraid of him) but now they are best buddies. This is all because Paul did the Cookie Monster voice while reading Sadie a Sesame Street Book of Shapes and now she thinks it's the funniest voice in the entire world. I'm not sure who she likes more now: Elmo or Cookie Monster. It may be too close to tell.

Elmo and Cookie, however, still can't hold a candle to the Wonder Pets. Linny, Tuck and Ming Ming are still Sadie's favorites and we've been hauling them everywhere with us. I live in fear that we will someday forget one of the Wonder Pets in a restaurant or store. So far so good. I triple check to make sure that we have everybody!

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  1. Good morning to y'all & I hope you kept warm! I like that name "Grumpa".
    My kids already know me as a curmudgeon, but "Grump Pa" is so much cuter.


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