Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dreaming of the Perfect Holiday Dress

I started browsing dresses during nap time today and I found that (unsurprisingly) not much has changed in the last season. Most of the dresses that are long enough to be modest are low cut or strapless. And if a dress has a modest neckline it's pretty much guaranteed that it's going to be attached to a mini skirt. There are slips and camisoles that can help with these problems, but clothes shopping can still be a trial. However there are modest dresses out there. You just have to dig around a little (or a lot!).

I did a little searching and found a few of my favorites for the season. The downside is that several of them are most definitely in the "dream" price range... but if you can afford them they're great because they are hand made and their sellers usually offer to customize the dresses (so if you want to ask for a longer hem, they'll be happy to do it!).

I picked out the name for this one (it has it's own long name if you follow the link) because this one is absolutely my favorite dress for this year's holiday season. I guess I'm just a fool for lace. Now when my expanding figure will be able to fit back into a sheath dress (modestly! without looking like a stuffed sausage!) is another question altogether.

G Cooper at Shabby Apple
Another beautiful Shabby Apple dress!

I can just imagine wearing this to a Christmas party!

My favorite part of this one is the built in headcovering, but I would definitely ask for a few inches length in the hem... in my dream shopping world!

This was the first dress I saw by Daniela Besso and I was so excited! She has a beautiful collection of dresses!


  1. I love the last one! Lovely shade of red and cute pleating! I have a feeling that the neck would gape, though...

  2. You have chosen some beautiful holiday dresses. I just love the first Daniel Besso design. I am printing out the picture and putting it in my 'inspiration' folder. I have some patterns with raglan sleeves just like the Besso dress, and it would be a simple process to add a lace overlay. It is a wonderful idea. I think you would look quite lovely in any of these, but do agree that the length is just a bit short.

  3. Hi Helen-
    You know me and my passion for red! Christmas is the perfect excuse to look for red dresses. And I think I have a red camisole that would be perfect for the gaping problem! So many dresses (and shirts) have that problem these days.

    Hi Miss Linda-
    Thank you! I have an inspiration folder full of knitted sweaters and dresses! I've said it many times on my blog (although not all the much lately) but I need to learn how to sew clothing so I can make my own dresses (since I definitely won't be able to afford these anytime in the near future!). I don't know how I manage to convince myself that I'm capable of knitting a dress, but not figuring out the instructions to cut out material and sew it up on a machine! I always get intimidated during the cutting part!


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