Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Getting Ready for Christmas!

There are no Christmas presents under the Christmas tree. They are all in hiding. They will appear on Christmas Eve night so we only have to wrangle Sadie for a short time before bedtime (and protect the presents from being promptly opened by cute little baby hands). I think that she's definitely ready this year to open her own packages.

We did put the boxes that arrived, still packed up from the post office, under the tree to see what Sadie would do. She dragged them out, pushed them around the living room and tried to avoid Nani when she said that Sadie could not stand on them to reach things that had been raised up above "baby level."

Last night I asked Sadie to show Daddy where the baby is. She leaned over and rested her head against my stomach and then lay that way for about five minutes with a little smile. She looked like she was listening. I wonder what she'll think in a few months when she can feel little kicks!

Sadie and Daddy also watched the Church get decorated for Christmas today. She would have liked to help, but the jobs were all just a little too big for her little hands. She did get to ring the bell up in the choir loft though. So far I think that was the high point of her day! Now it's nap time!

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