Saturday, August 25, 2012

A New Creation: Jeweled Snoods

The last week of our visit in California I had an idea.  I'd been blessed with being able to visit with my friend who's battling cancer frequently in the weeks of our trip, and I'd been able to make her a variety of snoods as the side effects of chemo began to appear.  

But I wanted to make something special before we left, and since this friend always wore beautiful jewelry I decided to add a bit of sparkle to a silk snood.  I wasn't sure how it would look, or feel, so I was a bit nervous as I sewed the bead in place.  In the end it was perfect and she couldn't feel the jewel at all.  

So on the cross country trip I began my jeweled snood project.  I also began experimenting with tieless snoods, since I'd realized that the ties could be a struggle for some, and a tieless option was definitely needed.  

These two snoods are the first I've listed, and they're two of my favorites.  I deconstructed an earring that I had bought years ago at an antique shop for the first snood (which is one of a kind!).  After much debate I sewed it on the center of a white satin snood, that was a perfect match.

And here's a look at a tieless jeweled snood (the dupioni silk looks so different in this super close up picture).  I actually had to keep one of these for myself!  It just feels so elegant!

The prices of my jeweled line of snoods (which I plan on adding to!) will depend heavily on the jeweled pieces I find.  I expect that quite a few of these will be one of a kind like the white satin snood above as I search out antiques (I still have a second earring that matches the white satin one... bu I haven't quite decided how I'm going to use it yet!).

And so those are my latest two snood projects!

Now if only Mae Bae hadn't kept me up so much last night!  I look so sleepy in the pictures we snapped today!


  1. These are absolutely beautiful!!!! I especially like the white one. Too bad these can't be considered mantillas or I'd get one for my trousseau.

  2. Beautiful, makes me think very much of Indian style.

  3. Very pretty! Cam, how is your friend doing? I've kept her in my prayers.

  4. Your snoods are beautiful! (Didn't know that was what they are called...) Do you offer them for sale?


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