Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Office: Ready to Craft!

 Over the course of the last few days I have been obsessively focused on finishing my office, unpacking everything that needed to be unpacked, and building a special work center that could store the ridiculous number of supplies that I use while running my three shops.  You see, because I pretty much stalk the sales at craft stores and have to have a large stash of my fabric fabrics (because the same snoods tend to be popular all at once and it helps to have more than one yard of a fabric when it's popular), things can get a little crazy around here if I don't stay organized.  And I was more determined than ever to organize my new space, which is a bit smaller than the office in Florida.

I started by explaining to Paul that I needed three of the book shelves that were formerly covered with books for my office (since the majority of our books were going to be in the basement anyways, that wasn't a problem).  Then I added that I needed a 3' x 5' piece of plywood for a table top.  The table was beginning to take shape:

The bassinet is in the sewing room at the moment, partially because I'm fairly certain Mae Bae would use it as some kind of climbing/surfing device if it were in the baby room.  It's just safer in the sewing room.

Some of the lace from the awesome discount warehouse we found in Tucson this summer is over the door, and you can glimpse the greatest closet in the entire house through the other doorway (although that's not too difficult a title to claim, because most of the closets in our little 1928 house are pretty tiny).

Here's a close up of the closet.  The fabrics on the left hand side are sorted by type, with an entire shelf devoted to unfinished projects of all kinds.  Shipping supplies are above the hangers.  Seasonal items are cut out of the picture, but are on a rack at the very top.  

From this angle you can see the table top a bit better.  It's holding most of my rosary supplies on the top, along with a huge amount of sewing notions, my iron, a cutting area and some sewing books that I like to keep handy.  Underneath the table two sides are dedicated to fabric and one is dedicated to yarn:

Here's a look at the yarn side.  My yarn stash doesn't seem quite as extravagant these days.  Maybe it's because it's so close to the fabric stash though.  The fabric stash could make anything look small.

The tulle was taking up too much space.  So it's a curtain.  This motivates me to use it quickly, before the sun bleaches it.  One the floor sits my serger and a basket of ribbon/thread that couldn't fit anywhere else.  And see the table half cropped out of the picture on the right hand side?  That's my painting table. I was spending too much time bringing my paints out every single day when I'd work on my dolls.  Now the paints can stay out on the table in their own little works space.  That saves a lot of time:

This sewing machine nearly caused a nervous breakdown this week.  I could not find the box with the sewing machine foot in it.  I spent two days nervously searching for it.  Thankfully it turned up today in the last set of boxes (somehow it was the only office box I hadn't labeled, and so it had ended up in the master bedroom).  It was such a relief to have my sewing machine set up and ready to sew:

Now to get some sleep!  There's still more work to do tomorrow (which is actually today now that I stayed up past midnight working!)!


  1. Looks great to see others sewing areas ... I just organised mine! Hope everything goes smoothly now that you're settled in your new place. oh and btw Cam, I've started another blog ... moving on from modelmumma .. hope you'll follow along there! :-)

  2. Wow, your sewing room looks great. Someday years and years from now when my girls are grown and no longer living at home [probably twenty some years from now] I plan to have a craft room.

  3. Wow... you're more organized in days than I have accomplished in the 3 years we've been in our house! Looks great!


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