Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Not Not Packing

 Theoretically, after yesterday's appointment, today is a day of non-packing, per the doctor's orders.

The conversation went something like this:

Doctor:  "So no packing.  Let him do it."
Me:  "Oh don't worry, I know not to lift.  I'll just put things into boxes."
Doctor:  "No.  You really need to let him pack while you rest."
Me:  "Okay."

I said okay, not entirely sure what I meant by it.  You see, Paul's been working on various aspects of moving non-stop, but I'm the one who does most of the organizing, logistics, putting things into boxes type work.  He spent most of the last three days packing up the bedroom (which is about half done) and the master bathroom (also half done), while I did the girls' room, the office, the living room (I'd say I did 3/4 of it), and the dining room.  The kitchen, the bathrooms and the rest of the master bedroom (i.e. my stuff) remain for today, our last day. Although at least today he won't be busy with paper work type things.

So when I said "Okay" it wasn't really an "okay, I promise."  It was more like an "okay, I understand what you're saying.. and believe me, I really wish I wasn't packing either... because after two and a half twelve hour packing days (because yesterday was only halfway over at that point) the last thing I want to be doing is packing... but I think that would only be possible in some strange alternate reality where we a) have enough money to hire people to pack up and move our stuff or b) have more than 48 hours left before the van arrives (21 and counting at this time).

Now I should clarify.  I've only had spotting after lifting heavy things (okay, the toddler).  Not after a day of regular housework.  And the ultrasound showed no reason for the spotting whatsoever.  So it's not like I'm doing something that has been proven to be risky (thank goodness I didn't ask about unpacking...).  And I'm really, really trying to not lift heavy things...

Paul wholeheartedly promised, over and over again, that he would help me pack today.  Yet I'll admit, my mind isn't at ease about things getting done.

I gave it a good solid try for two and a half whole hours this morning while Paul was at a doctor's appointment.  I sat with the girls, watched way too much Disney, and pinned things frantically on pinterest, in an attempt not to pack.  I hoped that maybe, just maybe, if I pinned enough cleaning and organizing ideas, I could avoid the impulse to get up off the couch and put things in boxes.

An hour before Paul got home I caved and he walked in the door to find me baking cookies and loading our remaining canned good stockpile into boxes (five boxes of canned food? And I felt like the pantry was empty!  I might have a canned food hoarding problem that we will not be addressing anytime soon...).

I'm taking a break at the moment, but am about to wade back out into the fray...  I hear toddler yells.  It must be lunch time.  And Paul just Skyped me from the other room to ask me what he should be packing right now... but I noted he was laying on the couch with the computer on his chest, so I'm not even cautiously optimistic about how much has gone on during my hour long break from the craziness...  I have a feeling there will still be quite a bit left to be done.


  1. Call your friends Cammie. Don't touch anything!

  2. I totally feel you on this. I had a horrible time resisting the urge to cook, clean, and pick things up when I got put on bedrest just before my second child was born. And again not two months later when I got out of the hospital after getting appendicitis and winding up having an appendectomy. Fortunately, my parents came to the rescue and have been helping out while I take naps and nurse the baby. I hope a neighbor or someone from church can come over and help you get finished on packing. You do need to rest despite the urgency you feel in having to move. Good luck!

  3. I'm actually angry with you. I've come to love your blog, to cheer for you through the traumas and such.

    NOTHING that fits in a box is worth losing a baby!

    The doctor said, REST, no packing. DO IT.

    How do you think you will feel if by some chance the spotting is a warning and you LOSE YOUR SON because you just HAD to pack up some stupid canned goods?

    You have a good bit more intelligence than to risk the priceless for dirt!

    Please let someone else pack. They will do fine, you will eventually find everything, and it is much better to be irked now than to regret later.



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