Monday, August 13, 2012


We're here!  At the last minute everything fell into place, with the movers calling and meeting us at the house just as the last coat of paint dried on the walls.  The girls were awesome during Saturday with a 14 hour drive, reading books in the backseat, while Sadie asked a ton of questions about the various states we were driving through.

We spent an hour stopped on the freeway in Tennessee for an accident and it's subsequent cleanup and another hour in Lexington for a truck that I pray that everyone got out of alive (it was totally charred when we went by) making Saturday the longest day in the history of driving (for me and the girls, although not for Paul).

Sadie announced that she wanted to be an Olympic runner (wearing green and yellow, she said), and then later a giant blue whale, and worried aloud as we drove through Tennessee about bears, while peering into the kudzu filled forest where we were stopped.

That led to a long conversation about kudzu and she began having a conversation between the kudzu and the trees with the kudzu saying "grrrrrr" and the trees saying "Oh no!"  She did have me laughing in the front seat during much of the trip.

Sadie announced that she wanted to live in Kentucky, and then that she would like us to pretend that Kentucky was in Michigan (it helped that we were stopped for that hour next to a beautiful horse farm), and that the farm was named Ducky Pond and that we were going to live there.

There was an incident in Bowling Green where we stopped for the night at the scariest motel on our entire route, after an incident that involved me, some confusion about which way to turn, entering into a lane with oncoming traffic while trying to avoid doing just that, and a likely APB that would have probably gone out if I wasn't so clearly a lost and confused mom with a van packed full of princess dresses (there was a cop standing on the sidewalk watching the entire incident...).

Then we were here, safe and sound in our new home state, with Sadie declaring that she wanted to live here for a very long time (she added "at least until I'm five") and both girls enjoying our new big (for us) backyard immensely.

And I am enjoying sitting in the living room with the windows open, watching the breeze move the curtains, and not waking up with gigantic, poofed out humidified hair Every Single Morning, which was my fate in Florida (along with being sticky and sweaty all the time).  So here we are at the start of our latest adventure!  Now to get the kitchen up and running so we can finally eat something that's homemade!


  1. Deo Gratias!

    wonderful that you've made it in time to settle down before school gets crazy again for Paul.

    I'm a little jealous because I'm still in Florida for at least another couple of months and so must continue to suffer the fate of frizzy hair and being yucky and sweaty less than 20mn after a morning shower.

    God Bless!

  2. I am so incredibly glad, relieved and happy for you!!! I will envy you enormously when the leaves turn. :(

    God bless you and this new adventure!


  3. Welcome to MI! I live in Owosso. Are you mid MI?

  4. Glad to hear you all arrived safely, Cam! What adventures you guys have :) The house looks nice! And Sadie an Olympic runner wearing green and yellow...Australia?! South Africa?!

  5. @ Hopeful Bride-

    Hang in there! Paul was always complaining about feeling like needing a shower immediately after getting out!

    @ dixieeagle-

    I'll have to post lots of pictures so you can live vicariously through the fall colors! I'm impatient for them already!

    @ Marianne-

    Paul is at State!

    @ Helen-

    Apparently Sadie is a big Jamaica fan! She told me first that we were red and then announced that she would be green and yellow!

  6. Yayyyyyyyyyyy Michigan!! Btw, hi :-) My name's maria, I discovered your blog a while back while looking for something and liked it, so I added it to my Google reader.. anyway, I don't think I've ever commented, so I figure this is a good time, as it's your MI post! I'm from Grand Rapids! (West Michigan) Tho the military moved us to AK and our family relocated here as well, so prob won't be back in MI for longer than I'd prefer. Enjoy it for me! Also, the DMV here's (I mean there, in MI) is a Secretary of State. Only weid thing I can remember to warn you about :] Have fun!!

  7. Jen MO here! Welcome to Michigan. I'm so glad for all of us that the weather is cooperating- we don't usually put in our window AC units, but most of July was a blast furnace and we finally broke down and installed them about 4 weeks ago.

    Just wait until autumn: MSU's campus is seriously one of the most beautiful that I've seen and it's even more so when the leaves change colors along the river. :)

  8. Welcome to M, Cam. And you DID bring cooler weather! Yea!!


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