Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Great Adventure: Day 7: Home

Despite the misadventure of Day 6 I vowed to take it easy on Day 7 and we rushed back to the Magic Kingdom early in the morning to beat the heat.  We spent the morning letting the girls enjoy their last taste of Disney World for a very long time and we found out that 1) Mae Bae is over 35 inches tall which 2) Makes her tall enough to ride some roller coasters and 3) Mae Bae (unsurprisingly to anyone who knows her) loves roller coasters.  She would have a very serious look on her face while on the roller coaster, but would then burst into tears when it was time to get off, until she was told that we could go again (because it was early and there was absolutely no line on the new Goofy ride in Fantasy Land).

We made one quick stop at Epcot after a morning of rides and headed back out on the road before the heat became too intense.

By dinner time we'd made it home and a new adventure was about to begin: packing...

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