Monday, August 20, 2012

The Backyard and a Prickly Problem

After a fun morning of school (during which Mae was more than a little antsy) we headed out into "the Meadow" (the name Sadie has given to our backyard) so that the girls could run around.  Things started off well:

There were races back and forth across the lawn, with Mommy and Daddy taking turns saying "3, 2, 1, Go!" and the girls taking off.

Sadie was a little concerned when she lost her hair tie.  And Mae Bae stomped her feet for about a minute after realizing that the grass in the shade was damp.

Then it was time for Mommy to head in to make lunch...  What could possibly go wrong?

There was still more fun to be had...

Until the Bae had an idea:

Big Sister wasn't sure that it was the greatest idea...

But Daddy didn't see the harm and she was having fun... 


Thistle Hair!

Mae Bae is lucky that Daddy carefully worked the thistles out of her hair and that she doesn't now have a buzz cut.  The bath that followed to get the teeny tiny thistles out wasn't any more pleasant.

I have a feeling that thistle bush will be gone before the girls go back out to play tomorrow!


  1. That is *such* a marvelous picture of Sadie running!

  2. Yes, I've spent the last while pointing out the burdock plants that dot the yard and reminding Ella how unpleasant it would be to get in her hair. After telling her they will even stick to her skin, I think she got the idea.

    I can't believe how grown-up Sadie is looking. She's not so 'little girl' looking.

  3. What beautiful little girls!!!



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