Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It's a...


Our world just got a little less pink.

Sadie handled the news well in the doctor's office, smiling sweetly and saying to the doctor:  "Thank you for taking good care of my Mommy!" as we left (we are very sad to be leaving her and looking for a new doctor!).

Ten minutes later in the car I heard:  "I don't want a brother.  I want a sister.  Mae Bae can have a brother.  Give me another sister!"

So apparently some of us are still adjusting to the news that the latest member of our clan is a bouncing baby boy.

I have to say I'm a teensy bit nervous!  I'm so used to pink and princesses!  I don't have any brothers!  I have some learning to do!

We did stop by Once-Upon-a-Child to sell some of the things we wouldn't be hauling with us, and returned with a bag full of snuggly warm blue outfits that were mostly $1 on clearance.

And shopping for clothes helped Sadie warm up to the idea of a boy... a little bit...


  1. YAY!!!!



    OH MY GOODNESS YAY!!!!!!!!!

    <3 <3 <3

  2. Congratulations!!! Boys are wonderful!

    You should show Sadie pictures of Gabriel to get her used to the idea of a little brother. :)

  3. :D
    Congratulations! You used to play rugby, so at the very least you can teach him a sport.... ;) You will do fine, I'm sure.

  4. Congratulations, Cam! I'm sure Sadie will adjust somehow :).

  5. Congratulations!!

    My older sister was very worried during my mom's pregnancy with my brother. I was sure it was a boy but there was no ultrasound to confirm. Anyway, my mom had my sister talk to her belly and tell the baby stories, read books etc. When my sister walked into the hospital room to meet our brother for the first time she said something to my mom and at the sound of her voice my brother turned his head over trying to find the source of the familiar voice at which point my sister melted and she's loved him ever since!

  6. Boys are WONDERFUL! Congratulations! Your girls will adore him. :)

  7. Congrats! Boys are great! My first two were boys! Lots of fun; start collecting all kinds of vehicles and board books about vehicles. (and dinosaurs) LOL!

  8. Congratulations! I'm sure by the time he's born Sadie and Mae will both be thrilled to have a little brother. My middle daughter wanted a baby brother when I was pregnant with our littlest one and she loves her little sister now even though she was hoping all the way up until the day she was born that she'd be a boy.

  9. Oh how wonderful!!!! Yay a boy, congratulations!

  10. Congrats. Make sure you place a diaper over their hose before you take the old one off. Otherwise you are going to get squirted.

    I found my boy to be easier than my girl :)

  11. Congrats! Have you picked a name yet?

  12. Awww, super huge congrats! A lot of people have told me boys are easier than girls (I only have one daughter, no boys!), so you might be on to something here, LOL!!! Keeping you and baby boy in my prayers! ♥

  13. Congrats!! Ditto on the cars/trucks, and dinosaurs, I will add in balls of all sizes. Boys are super fun, (and much easier to dress, if your girls are any indication of normal girl clothes. =) Pants and shirt and you are good to go.

    Boys are super fun, I was nervous about having a girl, but really they have both been awesome (so far). You really get used to the idea of boy/girl really quickly, though dh and I did have problems calling Claire, he, him, and buddy, in the first 2 weeks. I had to go to my standbys of sweetie and sweetheart so as avoid using a male pronoun or nickname.

  14. Yeah! Boys are a blast! I have 2 boys and no girls [yet?] so I would be in the complete opposite situation!

    When I had a little brother, apparently I wanted a little sister instead... My mom cleverly told me that we could just put him in dresses and we could pretend. The story goes that I was NOT okay with that idea and never mentioned wanting my brother to be a sister again. Ha! Kids say the darndest things...

  15. Awww how wonderful! Tell Sadie I got a little brother and he was pretty fun! :) I even added a picture to my "About Me" page of us when we were little.

    We find out what we are having next week, as long as baby cooperates!

  16. Ok Cam, my 100% record of wrongness remains unblemished; I thought you were having a girl!

    I'm like you, I don't have any brothers, so I was nervous about having a boy. But when I was in labor with Henry (we didn't yet know what we were having) I have never forgotten that I asked my doctor about her 18 month old son, and her response was so sweet and encouraging. She told me how much she enjoyed having a boy and how much fun she had with him. And how she couldn't wait to have another baby! That made me feel so much better, and when Henry came out a boy I was so, so happy. :)

  17. Congratulations! I'm so excited for your family. With two boys we've got balls, trucks, airplanes and a tool bench with tools. I'm hoping to make capes and knitght's outfits when they get a little older. Now you can delve into chivalry with your girls as the damsel in distress and your son riding in to save them. Oh what fun they will have!

  18. Congratulations.

    Boys are like having small versions of your hubby around. They are very cute, messy and inclined to loud noises and huge messes. They are FUN in a totally different way than girls.

    You will get to see glimpses of the man you adore in the child, and sometimes, also glimpses of other male relatives and it is really really awesome.


  19. Hint from my son, when you buy him his own guy toy action figure, be sure to also allow him to select his own princess doll so his powerful superhero has someone to rescue when his sisters would rather he NOT touch THEIR dolls.

    And yes, a boy WILL have his favorite princess to rescue!

  20. All this advice about boys loving truck and planes and all that- well, its true, but don't let that intimidate you! We're getting our twin boys a play kitchen for their second birthday- I know they'll love it. And my husband is the only one in the house that knows how to sew. He's a mean cook too. Congrats! :)


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