Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Kitchen

Here's the kitchen!  I bought a little step ladder so that I can reach beyond the first shelf on the upper cabinets.  

I think I'm going to be especially thankful for the gas stove come winter.  It super heats the house after being on for a very short amount of time.  I have a feeling that's going to come in handy when snow is blanketing the ground outside!

I celebrated the finished kitchen by making peanut butter cookie dough, short bread cookies and fresh baked bread and by cooking a pork loin that is going to be pulled and go in to enchilladas, sandwiches and a sort of barbeque shepherd's pie.

The move is definitely still keeping me busy!  At least I have more than a month until my due date this time.  I remember moving when I was nine months pregnant with Mae Bae... and that was not something I'd like to repeat!


  1. The kitchen looks great. I can' wait to see more of the house. I'm excited for you,

  2. Love the kitchen. You are definitely going to love having the gas stove this winter. My husband always comments on how cold the house is when I go visit my family in the winter because I'm not at home baking bread and cooking all the time. It really does make a big difference to the temperature.

  3. Your kitchen looks great! I have always wanted a gas stove!

  4. I finally got a gas cooktop last year when we did a little updating in our kitchen. I made sure it was the type that can be lit with a match if the power is out (I was surprised to find some cannot be) as we are subject to power outages from storms and also for no apparent reason. I love it!

    Your kitchen looks great. So happy you found that neat house!



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