Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ready for November Yet?

 I thought we might escape the political ads... at least in part.  You see, at Ave our apartment came with cable and I would inevitably decide to watch the news at some point in the day and be bombarded with pretty horrible campaign ads.  It hadn't been nearly as intense in California this summer, a state where national candidates already know which way the cards are going to fall, regardless of millions pumped into an endless stream of television bile.

But we were moving to Michigan and while I used the free cable that we had in Florida, we aren't about to pay for it ourselves if we have a say.  Nope.  I have a $7.99 Hulu subscription that can get me through marathon sewing sessions with re-runs of Once Upon a Time, and I only have to watch one commercial at commercial breaks and there has always been a vague attempt to ask "was this commercial relevant to you" or "which commercial would you like to watch" to tailor the ads to things viewers are actually looking to buy (although it sometimes seemed that every single non-chocolate related ad was relevant, since I won't be buying a car or a new phone or any sort of music device anytime soon, unless we won Power Ball last night with the ticket we got Paul for his birthday and are unknowingly 320 million dollars richer... and since my yahoo news ticker isn't announcing a new unclaimed winning ticket in Michigan, I think that's probably unlikely now...).

Anyways, yesterday I was finishing the last of the kitchen boxes and wasn't in the best of moods.  We love this house, and the owner put a ton of work into it, but it's old and coated with dust and has required quite a bit of elbow grease in each room and I was pretty exhausted (and I was frantically battling the dust since Sadie seems to be allergic to everything her skin touches at the moment).  I had nearly gotten the downstairs dust free, and was tackling the odds and ends on the counter tops that hadn't been put away, while the room was superheated by the oven as it boiled water for potatoes, and while Mae Bae demonstrated her skills at doing a pull up onto the counter to reach further back to throw things onto the floor and had put on Hulu to try to take my mind off the monotony of cleaning, when I heard an attack ad come on.

I don't know why I was surprised.  After all, people pay for cable and satellite and their homes are still inundated with attack ads.  And yet, for some reason, I was even more annoyed than I would have been if it had been on tv.  Even though it was an attack ad for the candidate I'll be voting for.

It's August and I am already sick of this election.  I'm ready to begin the countdown for November, when our little one is expected and when the craziness that is American politics will cease to roar quite as loudly for a couple more years.

Third trimester irritability does not mix well with the last months of the Presidential election craziness.

I wish there was some option where we could pay an extra couple of dollars to have all political ads blocked...


  1. Cam, the winning $337 million Powerball ticket WAS sold in Michigan!!! Here's praying and hoping you get a bit, pleasant surprise!!! :)


  2. forget TV, i get attack ads on facebook. (i have friends on the other side.)

  3. Marie is right! And it's still unclaimed, so double check your numbers and good luck!

  4. I'm with Lisa on that one. I get attacked by former high school and college "friends". Guess we have gone different ways. It's not even just politics I get attacked on it's my life style all together. I even get it at work and I work at a catholic organization!

    I guess working part time, or staying home, and wearing skirts ,planning to home school kids, preferring things to be slightly traditional, going to an Anglican Use parish, wearing a veil to mass, and going to daily mass makes me some radical unthinking catholic woman who's husband rules her life. To each his own I guess.

  5. I meant "big", pleasant surprise (thought even a "bit" of that $337 million would be nice. ;)

    Those "attack ads" just disgust me, no matter who they attack. Just stick to the issues; there's plenty to talk about!


  6. It makes me glad I have Tivo. I already know who I'm voting for, I don't need to spend the next few months watching political commericials!


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